Building your personal brand with confidence is a journey that transcends mere appearances, diving deep into the core of our being.


Worried about being judged or not being taken seriously?
Uncertain how to express your personal brand?
Paralyzed by imposter syndrome every time you hit ‘Share’?
Eager to share your message but feel like no one is listening?

Then you can't miss out on this free workshop!

Book either Thursday or Friday. The workshop is 1.5 hours. Bring pen and paper because you’re walking away with real results! 

 1pm EST / 12pm CST / 10am PST

 10am EST / 9am CST / 7am PST

5 Steps to Craft Your Voice with Confidence

Can you imagine…

From Confusion to Clarity: 5 Steps to Craft Your Online Voice with Confidence​

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, learn how to articulate what you do with confidence, deeply understand and solve your audience's problems, and master the top design elements that make your brand unforgettable.

What you’ll learn in this free 1.5 hour workshop:

  • Discover the formula to answer the question: “What do you do for a living?” with clarity and confidence.

  • Understand your audience and the problems they have that you can solve.

  • Define your offer, solution, or impact you want to make in your audience’s life, and the result they will get after they work with you.

  • Learn the top 3 design elements your brand needs to create a captivating and memorable online presence.

  • Explore where you can show up online to share your thought leadership and personal branding.

  • Uncover the mindset needed to stay consistent and accountable to show up authentically.

You should attend if you are...

Learn a messaging strategy that captivates and draws in clients. Imagine effortlessly conveying your value, making connections, and building a clientele that resonates with your expertise.
Overcome self-doubt and hesitation in showcasing your prowess. Envision confidently demonstrating your expertise, effortlessly attracting clients who recognize and appreciate the consulting genius they've been searching for.
Navigate the delicate balance between personal flair and audience appeal. Picture creating social media that reflect your unique style while resonating with your clients, leading to increased visibility and a thriving business.
Imagine reaching and helping more people as your personal brand becomes a light source, attracting those who need your expertise and creating a lasting impact in their lives.

Your FAQ's Answered:

Personal branding, tailored to what you're comfortable sharing, has a profound impact. With my blueprint, social strategy, and mindset tools, you'll authentically represent yourself, building trust and attracting clients.

Absolutely! Personal branding is about you and what makes your approach unique. My clear strategy for personal branding will align your goals with your audience's desires, we'll highlight your distinct qualities, helping you stand out in any industry.

My approach to personal branding extends beyond style and appearance. It's a holistic strategy that revolves around you—your values, your expertise, and your unique offerings. While design is a crucial energetic element, the true power lies in blending it seamlessly with your message, aligning with your audience's goals and desires. This holistic approach ensures you not only stand out but also build a thriving business.

Personal branding respects your comfort level. You have control. Notice how I rarely if ever share images and details about my family? This is why, it’s my business. With my blueprint, social strategy, and mindset tools, you'll learn how to maintain privacy while building a compelling presence.

1.5 hours with time for Q/A at the end. While attending live is ideal so you can have your questions answered, but a replay will be available for 24 hours.

Bring something to take notes, and create a space for learning, that means putting away any distractions and setting this time aside for you and the future success of your personal brandi business.

It’s free, my gift to you and your future success.

The webinar will be on zoom, you’ll be sent a zoom link before the webinar start time. Be sure to add that to your calendar so you don’t miss this one-time opportunity!

Go ahead and join me on Thursday or Friday. If you can’t make it live, a replay will be available for 24 hours.

 1pm EST / 12pm CST / 10am PST

 10am EST / 9am CST / 7am PST

Friend, I know showing up online can be a bit scary and confusing. I feel you.

The struggle of looking silly, wondering what to say – been there. But guess what? I’ve got your back.

If you’re new around here, I’m Lisa Guillot – your certified transformational leadership coach and the author behind the best-selling book: Find Your Clear Vision: A New Mindset to Create a Vibrant Personal or Professional Brand with Purpose. Oh, I’ve also worked some major branding magic for brands like Crate & Barrel, Paper Source, and my own brand strategy studio.

Now, let’s talk about you – the ambitious visionary craving more than just cash flow. You want to own your narrative, shout your worth like a superstar, and attract dream clients and opportunities with ease. Enter my blueprint – the secret sauce to break free from influencer noise and that annoying self-doubt soundtrack.

Imagine confidently showing up in your worth, effortlessly sharing your vision, and designing your brand on your terms.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your online presence and unlock your full potential. Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards crafting your online voice with confidence!

From Confusion to Clarity: 5 Steps to Craft Your Online Voice with Confidence​

Client Love

“Girl, you are the one that brought me into this crazy world of coaching and I am forever grateful for it, and I can honestly say it helped change my life for the better in so many ways that I just was not aware.”
Lauren, Family Photographer

I suddenly got 4 potential clients calling this week, totally out of the blue! I feel more motivated these days, making the decision to work with you helped me to get out of the loop and start to move forward again.”
Juli, Sr. Art Director

Lisa’s coaching and good energy were instrumental in the motivation to achieve my business goals of rebranding, launching a new website, growing my social media, and focusing more solely on my independent design firm. It was so helpful to have someone as sharp and positive as her in my corner.”
Terese, Relic Design LLC

“I had the pleasure to work with Lisa to review and unite the evolving threads of my Image Consulting company this year. 

I have a renewed enthusiasm to grow my business by offering my clients different white glove style experiences and luxury travel adventures.”
Suze, Image Consultant

Branding Coaching

“My experience with Lisa was exactly what I needed during the time of my brand extension. For anyone hoping to get clear on their brand, and themselves, I recommend working with this powerhouse of a branding expert and coach!”
Barbara, Spark Coaching

“Lisa is the best! She’s full of warmth and support, and absolutely will give your project or business the new direction it needs. She’s been a wonderful guide for me and my business, and I hope we have more chances to work together in the future!”
Margot, Creative Director

“Lisa is great listener and very insightful but she’s no pushover, which is exactly what you need when you are trying to work changes into your life and or business. Her sense of humor is also fun to engage with and when those sharp blue eyes stare back at you with open readiness to take in all you got, you can’t help but jump right in and work as hard as she is on your journey.”
Johanna, Photo Stylist and Studio Owner