Clear Vision and brand coaching with Lisa Guillot

Join Lisa for the Be Bright Virtual Retreat

We’re going to witness the biggest energetic shift in human history in the next 3-4 months. Are you ready?

Join me to define your future vision, who you want to be and what you need to do to get there.

At the end of the 3-day virtual retreat, you’ll have the tools to define your Clear Future Vision in your personal brand or business, a rock-solid plan and the motivation to make it happen.

Next date TBD

Reflect, without judgment, what’s worked and what hasn’t

Review what still needs to be done, the big and small milestones

Renew your commitment with confidence and support

Together we’ll paint a plan for the next 12 weeks with clarity

“I didn’t know what to expect, but honestly, I was blown away! It was wonderful to see so many authentic people, committed to growing and creating new things in the world.”

“The Be Bright Virtual Retreat showed me how to break down my vision, that felt fuzzy, into actionable steps and make it a reality.”

But first…

Can we take the pressure off of having a Purpose with a capital P?

You’ve heard that in order to be successful you need to follow your Purpose, your Passion, if not you’re doing it wrong.

Forget that, let’s loosen up and get creative.

The Clear Vision framework was very therapeutic and now I feel inspired and energized to DO IT!

What’s included in the Be Bright Virtual Retreat?

Day 1: A 1-hour live zoom gathering to begin your Clear Vision path. In Saturday’s session, we’ll go deep into the Inner Platform of who you need to be in order to create your Clear Vision with mindset and self-awareness work (this will be recorded).

Day 2: Schedule time for you to dive into the Clear visioning digital workbook on your own. This journalling practice will take approximately 2 hours. You’ll also receive a meditation playlist to ignite your visceral experience.

Day 3: A 1-hour live zoom gathering to map out a 12-week plan using my signature Clear Vision Setting process. In this session, we’ll move the inner work to an outer expression, how you actually show up and start to take action on your CLEAR Vision (this will be recorded).

1-1 Session included: You’ll also have the opportunity to book a 30-minute private session with me so I can help you work through any loose edges and hold you accountable to your dream.

Why you should do this…

Your vision could be as big as a new job, a new business! or as precious as creating a daily meditation practice to support your vitality. It’s all-important because it’s in service of you.

My intention is for you to see the light within you, grow it and then shine it out and share with others. This is your impact and your gift to the world. Join me for this fun and intentional event!

Creative Soulful Leadership

In the virtual retreat, we’ll focus on the creative inner mindset work to create your dream, as well as the outer work, through brand coaching, to make it happen.

“Making time for play & creativity is important and I did that this weekend.”

“Loved the simplicity and beauty of the materials, and the playlist was spot on.”