A Holistic Approach to Success for Leaders

The Holistic Approach to Success: Transform Your Life

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Welcome to a transformative new approach to holistic success for leaders.


I’m going to introduce you a method to set aspirational goals that transcend the conventional, igniting a fire of vision professional achievement and personal joy.  

This method will teach you how to:

  1. Dream Beyond Achievable: You know it’s not enough to just set goals you know you can hit. You need to dream big—so big that your goals not only change your life but inspire everyone around you.

  2. Embrace Your Vision with Purpose: Wake up with a purpose each day, driven by a vision so clear and compelling that it’s undeniable. This isn’t just about what you do; it’s who you become in the process.

  3. Shift Your Mindset, Transform Your Life: Let’s get real about change. It requires massive shifts in your thinking—shifts that redefine what’s possible in your life. This is about believing in the power of now and forever changing your trajectory.

  4. Set Milestones that Matter: From your very first step to the last, set milestones that keep you focused and moving forward. Big or small, every milestone is a stepping stone towards your grand vision.

  5. Reimagine What it Means to be Successful: Let’s intertwine your personal joys, your professional achievements, and your impact on the world into one holistic approach to success. This is your life, fully lived, deeply felt, and truly influential.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I know my clear vision and how to get there”? Well, here’s the thing: if that were true—you would have done it already.

That’s not a slam against you. However, far too many people (and you may very well be one of them) focus on achievable goal setting, a mediocre future vision.

Achievable creates change, yes, but does it transform? Rarely.

Achievable has been there, done that. Achievable will lead to a shift, but how much better would it be to make ideas real—to dream so big with heart, soul, and compassion that even your presence is going to light people aflame with inspiration?

You need aspirational success to light that fire—the aspirational vision that pulls you out of bed and forward with ambition and purpose. Defining your goals, dreams, and intentions will keep you moving purposefully toward your Clear Vision. Aspirational success is the metrics, milestones, and intended results needed to achieve your Clear Vision at a high level of success.

Step 1 to Holistic Success: Go Big

Some people want to play small and create a doable goal. Consider someone who sets a goal to get promoted in their job.


As their executive mindset coach I would ask,

“Why is that important?”
“To get a raise.”
“Why is that important?”
“To feed my family.”
“Why is that important?”
“So we don’t go broke.”

Okay, you’re boring me here. Feeding your family, making more money, I get it, that’s all within the realm of achievable. What does it look like to be donating 20 percent of your income to nonprofits that you wholeheartedly love and start volunteering at your local community theater?

What does aspirational success look like while you are bringing in money not only for your family, but you’ve retired your parents, have a beach house, and your nonprofit foundation is thriving?

What does aspirational success look like when you are so aligned with your whole self that you’ve written a book a year for the last five years and your latest just hit the New York Times bestseller list?

What does that look like? Better yet, what does it feel like? Paint me a picture of you living wholeheartedly, basking in the aspirational success of your life. This is your dream made real.

Step 2 to Holistic Success: Make it Nonnegotiable


I want to help you start moving toward your dream. Right now. The first step is to go through the following brainstorming exercise to get clear on what aspirational—not achievable, but aspirational—success looks like for you.

Get your favorite tasty beverage, turn on some relaxing instrumental French pop music, and gift yourself time to journal on these questions for at least thirty minutes, maybe more. And if you don’t have time to do it now, then schedule time. Your success is nonnegotiable.

  1. What is going to bring you immersive amounts of joy?
  2. What have you launched?
  3. What have you learned?
  4. What’s no longer the same?

After your brainstorm, cross out all of the things you know you can achieve without transforming. Remember, we’re going for aspirational success here.

What would it look like to be in the C-suite, start your own business, or move to a foreign country without speaking the language? What would it look like to be fully present in your marriage? How would it feel to be that person? Write it down!

Success looks like:___________________________


Step 3: Move Past What Was


Answering that first set of questions is a start, but massive mindset shifts are what you need to transform and bring your success to life. Transformation can happen in an instant, if you choose to believe in it right here, right now, and for always. Or a transformation can be birthed, over time. It’s a choice you make every day that reflects your commitment to your reinvention.

Let’s pause for a morbid moment. Donald Miller—storyteller, author, and entrepreneur—shared this idea in his recent book. Imagine, one year from today, 365 days from this moment, you die. I know, I’m sorry for your loss. At your funeral celebration, a dear friend is reading your eulogy of all the things that you’ve accomplished in life.

  1. What have you overcome in the past 365 days?
  2. And when you overcame that thing, what did it give you?
  3. Who are you as a result of overcoming that moment?
  4. That person, 365 days from today, who has overcome your biggest obstacle? That is you, transformed. 
  5. When you are transformed, who have you become?

Take sovereignty over who you are becoming, and be them right now. This is a reinvention to massively transform your life, livelihood, and leadership as a result of who you are being.

To get started, consider how you want to influence your career, business, or industry. Write three mindsets, or adjectives, that will catapult you into who you need to be to achieve your aspirational success.

Massive Mindset Shift:




how to create a holistic approach to success framework

Step 4: Pick Your Top 3 Milestones


Macro milestones are the overarching umbrella that holds together the beginning, middle, and end of your success. It’s what you are going to create to complete your vision.

We don’t need to know all of the details. That would keep us drowning in the weeds of “what did I get myself into?” Instead, we are simply picking the top three milestones, and you can consider that reading this article is a milestone. Therefore, you started today. Congratulations!

First Step: To start today, done! Add it to your calendar today and cross it off.

Marking it complete is a signal to your subconscious that you accomplished something and are moving forward.

Middle Step: What’s the halfway point? It may be easier to look at the third and final milestone before filling in this one so you can see the ending; then you’ll know the halfway point.

Final Vision: Okay, yes, there will be multiple steps between today and your ultimate success, but we are creating the umbrella bird’s-eye view before diving into the weeds on purpose. Macro milestones keep you elevated and intentional with a place to go.

Let’s get creative.

  1. What is the final intention for your vision?
  2. What’s present?
  3. What did you put into the world?

Write it down. Sketch it out, cut it up, vision board it.

Create it as if it’s already a reality. You are bringing it to life with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. A Clear Vision of your third and final massive milestone will alert your subconscious that, “Okay, cool, this is what we are doing. How can I help?”

Step 5: Mini Milestones


You’ve completed the biggest hurdle: you are starting. Now, what’s the first step you can take after you finish reading this? Make it a small one. It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

We are training our minds to hold expanded energy and small tactical, laser-focused energy. We are in the business of intentional and consistent action, to make the long-lasting vision a reality. So, write down your first baby step, and make sure to include when it will be complete. Here are some examples to get your juices flowing:

  • Call Susan and tell her about my vision at noon.
  • Set a reminder on my phone to tell my future self who I am becoming for 2:22 p.m. every day this month.
  • Buy some delicious Earl Grey tea to drink as I create my vision board this afternoon before dinner.
  • Book time in my calendar to begin right now.
The Holistic Approach to Success Transform Your Life

Final Step to Holistic Success: Book It!


You’ve taken the first step, which is wonderful. But guess what? Your future self can’t be trusted to stay the course. I’ve said this to clients, and they are offended. “You don’t know me! When I say I’m going to do something, I do it.”

Not true. When it comes to your calendar, your future self cannot be trusted. You’ll feel tired, or not ready, and you’ll find anything else to do.

There is that juicy email you didn’t respond to! Ding, an email just came in—let’s see who needs something!

So, outsmart your future self. Connect to your most vibrant self and ask, “If I’m being honest, how much time do I need to block out in my calendar each day to get to the middle step?” And then book it; it’s non-negotiable.

Adding time to your calendar will do two things: first, it will alert your conscious and subconscious mind that your vision is a priority. And secondly, it will disable your future self from discounting your choices. Now is the time—book it, then go make it a reality.

For more advice on this method for holistic aspirational success, and so much more, you can buy my best-selling book Find Your Clear Vision, or reach out to connect regarding executive mindset coaching.

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The Holistic Approach to Success Transform Your Life