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Discover Your Visionary Values: A Journey to Transformational Leadership

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Students inside my personal branding course have been using a tool from my book, and it’s too good not to share. 

It revolves around something I call Visionary Values

These aren’t your everyday values like “family” or “innovation” (I love my family, but “family” as a value…kinda boring, we can do better) instead, they’re the essence of what makes YOU uniquely vibrant and truly authentic. Seriously, no one else will have your Visionary Values. 
Imagine having a personal blueprint that not only guides you to make clear choices, in how you share online, but also empowers you to lead and live with passion and authenticity. That’s the power of Visionary Values. They go beyond the surface, offering a glimpse into the soul of who you are, and illuminate your most vibrant self.

I still remember the moment when someone described my online presence as “intuitively aligned” with who I am in real life. I was thrilled! I know who I am “IRL” but online was a different story.

But let me backtrack a bit. My journey to transformational leadership hasn’t always been this way. I definitely struggled with what to share and what was “too much.”

Like many, I grappled with self-doubt, constantly questioning what to share and whether it was “good enough.” The pressure to impress others left me feeling drained and disconnected from my true self, attracting the wrong clients in the process.

Connect to Your Inner Platform: The Key to your Leadership Brand

It wasn’t until I realized that the secret to social media success lay in knowing myself deeply and embracing my unique vision that things began to change. I was able to show up on social media freely without being attached to the results of likes, data, or insights.

By connecting with my Inner Platform—the 360-degree view of how I see and believe in myself—I learned to silence the inner critics and embrace my authentic voice. And here’s the best part: once you find your Visionary Values and connect to your Inner Platform, you will experience the same thing.

Here’s why: your fears, imposter syndrome, and performance techniques will all show up in your leadership brand if you’re not connected to your Inner Platform. Your fears will bleed into your messaging as half-baked truths, semi-stands, and backseat bullies. Your team will feel it, and your followers will smell it a mile away.

You’ve seen this type of messaging; it’s the person that you have no connection to because they have no connection to themselves. They are wishy-washy in their messaging and inconsistent in how they show up, so, inevitably they become forgettable.

Transformational Leadership in Action: Finding Your Visionary Values

As a Transformational Leadership Coach, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of aligning your leadership brand values with your inner vision. 

Visionary Values are the core principles and qualities that drive a leadership identity and personal vision. These values serve as a guiding light, shaping one’s actions, decisions, and messaging both online and offline.

Ultimately, they will empower you to align your leadership or personal brand with your inner vision, inspiring you to embody your full potential as a transformational leader.

Your one of a kind Visionary Values will help anchor you into four high-level concepts to fall back on when you are sharing, whether on or offline. When you begin to consistently implement conversations around these four values, people will think of you when an opportunity arises.

For example, my client Danny is a Senior Creative Director at a Fortune 500 entertainment company. He loves to talk about pop culture and anything to do with Venus and Serena, and Mary Kate and Ashley. So, one of his visionary values centers around pop culture. When he shares about pop culture events, people remember him. They’ll think, “You know who always talks about pop culture? Danny! You should talk with him; let me introduce you.”

Boom. New Connection.

After I did the exercise my Visionary Values were: 
  • Midwestern Charm
  • Unapologetic Action Taker
  • Creative w/o Oversharing
  • Badass Marketing Maven

So, let’s get started.

The Visionary Value Brainstorming Exercise

Imagine hosting a dinner party with four people, dead or alive, who inspire you. Who would they be, and why? This seemingly simple question serves as a gateway to uncovering your Visionary Values—the core principles that drive your brand identity.

Play along with me here, you’ll see how this works in just a sec.

By reflecting on the qualities and values that you see in these dinner party guests, you’ll begin to uncover patterns and themes that resonate with your own aspirations. To put it into branding terms—your dinner party invitees have a brand position, one that’s attractive to you because you are their target audience. Their aspirational success and vision are aligned with something inside of you, so you look up to them for inspiration and motivation. 

STEP 1: Let’s Find Your People

This exercise can be done in one sitting if you are feeling inspired. You don’t have to do it all at once, though; I have clients who take these questions with them over a week to explore, watch, and learn more about the people who inspire them.

The first part is to reflect on your inspirational people. Ask yourself:

  • Who lights me up?
  • Whom do I want to be in conversations with?
  • Who do I hang on their every word?

Is it an author or a poet? A celebrity? Maybe it’s someone in your family, or maybe it is a politician. This can be somebody inside or outside of your industry.

It can be someone like Beyonce, RBG, Iris Apfel, Bruno Mars, Barack Obama, or that entrepreneur you love and double-tap the like button every day on Instagram.

Generate a list of ten people who inspire you, alive or dead, real or fictional; it doesn’t matter. It’s your list of your top ten inspirational people.

STEP 2: Let’s Find Their Values

The next part of the exercise is to write down why you’re drawn to them. There are some questions you can ask yourself to help you get to the bottom of this, too.

  • What is it about this person that makes my heart sing?
  • What is their stand on life, politics, or culture that I love?
  • What about their approach to health or well-being am I enamored by?
  • What values do they embody in their personal and professional lives?

You are peeling back their Outer Platform—a.k.a. how they authentically share—to find what they value.

Align Your Brand with Your Vision: The Road to Transformation

STEP 3: Let’s Highlight the Patterns

Finally, look at your list and begin to circle or highlight the qualities, values, and patterns you see. Maybe it’s their role; maybe they are all athletes, creatives, or parents. Maybe some of them are advocates for gun control or midcentury modern art collecting. Maybe they are celebrities who care about the environment.

Are they Broadway actors, even though you can’t sing or dance worth a dime? No problem. The underlying patterns, values, and ideas that you see are a list of the highest qualities you admire in others. Broadway actors are outgoing, tenacious, bold; they’re probably fit and very aware of how to use their bodies to evoke emotions.

Your list of people embodies a certain flavor of leadership that is important to you. Your list is motivational and inspirational to you, not anyone else. Remember, these are your people. This is what makes it personal, and guess what? Those same values you appreciate in others are also your values.

You’ll find yourself anchored in authenticity and clarity as you identify and embrace your Visionary Values. These values will guide you, shaping every aspect of your brand messaging and positioning as a leader. Do they have to be serious? God no. Do they have to be you? Absolutely. 

These are the intuitive, magnetic values that light you up and can lead your personal or leadership brand positioning, what topics you talk about—hell, even what you put in your LinkedIn headline.

Become Who You Aspire to Be

You may think it’s no big deal to see what you highly value and are inspired by written out plainly in front of you—because your soul already knew they were within you to begin with. But once you do this exercise, you are present to who you can become, and these values will become the flavor of your leadership and brand messaging.

Ready to Embrace Your Inner Visionary?

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