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Are you struggling to find a clear path in your business or career? Are you seeking a way to unveil new possibilities and rejuvenate your passion for growth? If you're ready to shape your own future, join me for a Tarot Card Visioning Session.

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"The art of excellent coaching is providing a new perspective. Lisa does this and more. Book a Tarot reading with her. The expansion of my business & myself was immediate and powerful!. So much makes perfect sense!"
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Julie Cober
Mindset Coach and Business Strategist

Let me introduce myself...

I’m Lisa Guillot, a certified mindset coach and personal brand expert who understands the complexities of navigating your professional journey. I’ve created a one-of-a-kind experience that combines my expertise in mindset coaching with the illuminating insights of tarot cards to guide you toward a future filled with purpose and prosperity.

What you can expect from a Tarot Card Vision Session with me:

We’ll spend an hour together, going over your questions and diving into a thorough reading. After our session, you’ll receive a summary and recording. Feel free to ask questions as we go through the reading – it’s all about getting a better grasp of the tarot insights. Think of this as a partnership to help shape your future. We’ll work together to figure out the most practical steps to get you where you want to be.

"WOW!!! This was my first Tarot and Vision Strategy Session with Lisa. She provided background of tarot which I found tremendously helpful, and explained the cards in a clear manner with excellent examples from everyday life. Highly recommend!!!"
tarot card testimonial
Aimee Greczmiel
Former Fortune 500 VP | Certified Life & Mindset Coach

Past clients have left with the clarity to:

Take bold steps in their business

Make million dollar decisions

Kick-off their next chapter with renewed energy

"I loved my Tarot Visioning for Business session with Lisa. She's the perfect blend of business and soul. I loved how Lisa made each and every word meaningful - she gave clarity and also checked in along the way. I highly recommend Lisa for a deeper look into you and your business in terms of both assessment and strategy."
tarot card testimonial
Abbe Feder
Founder & CEO of InCircle Fertility │ Certified Life Coach and Fertility Consultant

Why I integrate Tarot into my coaching practice:

As someone passionate about design and the power of symbols, becoming a certified tarot card reader was an intuitive step.

Tarot cards open a gateway to fresh perspectives and uncharted ideas, shedding light on possibilities you may never have considered.

In a realm where free will reigns, tarot offers a unique vantage point, infusing confidence into your decision-making and fostering a renewed sense of direction.

It’s about harnessing the wisdom of centuries to guide you toward a future filled with potential and empowerment.

Reserve your spot for a 1-hour Tarot Card Vision Session with me today and step into a future filled with possibilities.

"My Tarot Card Vision Session with Lisa was a turning point. I now have a crystal-clear direction for my business. Thank you, Lisa!" - Thrilled Client