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Want to add some pizzazz to your life, biz or career? Let's whip out the Tarot Cards and see what we find in a Tarot Card Vision Session!

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"The art of excellent coaching is providing a new perspective. Lisa does this and more. Book a Tarot reading with her. The expansion of my business & myself was immediate and powerful!. So much makes perfect sense!"
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Julie Cober
Mindset Coach and Business Strategist

Let me introduce myself...

I’m Lisa Guillot, a certified mindset coach and personal brand expert who understands decision fatigue. What if we toss aside decision-making for an hour and instead have fun with the Tarot Cards?

I’ve created a one-of-a-kind experience with the illuminating insights of tarot to guide you toward a future filled with purpose and prosperity.

I believe in you and your journey.  Let’s find out what the cards have to say!

What you can expect from a Tarot Card Vision Session with me:

Let’s spend an hour together, exploring your questions and diving into a comprehensive reading. After our session, I’ll provide you with a summary and recording. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as we go through the reading – it’s all about gaining a better understanding of the tarot insights. Think of this as a fun collaboration to help shape your future. 

"WOW!!! This was my first Tarot and Vision Strategy Session with Lisa. She provided background of tarot which I found tremendously helpful, and explained the cards in a clear manner with excellent examples from everyday life. Highly recommend!!!"
tarot card testimonial
Aimee Greczmiel
Former Fortune 500 VP | Certified Life & Mindset Coach

Past clients have left with the clarity to:

Take bold steps in their business

Make million dollar decisions

Kick-off their next chapter with renewed energy

"I loved my Tarot Visioning for Business session with Lisa. She's the perfect blend of business and soul. I loved how Lisa made each and every word meaningful - she gave clarity and also checked in along the way. I highly recommend Lisa for a deeper look into you and your business in terms of both assessment and strategy."
tarot card testimonial
Abbe Feder
Founder & CEO of InCircle Fertility │ Certified Life Coach and Fertility Consultant

Why I integrate Tarot into my coaching practice:

As someone passionate about design and the power of symbols, becoming a certified tarot card reader was an intuitive step.

Tarot cards open a gateway to fresh perspectives and uncharted ideas, shedding light on possibilities you may never have considered.

In a realm where free will reigns, tarot offers a unique vantage point, infusing confidence into your decision-making and fostering a renewed sense of direction.

It’s about harnessing the wisdom of centuries to guide you toward a future filled with potential and empowerment.

Reserve your spot for a 1-hour Tarot Card Vision Session with me today and step into a future filled with possibilities.

"My Tarot Card Vision Session with Lisa was a turning point. I now have a crystal-clear direction for my business. Thank you, Lisa!" - Thrilled Client