Your organization’s future depends on attracting, engaging, and creating visionary leaders.

“Lisa’s ability to hold space for personal and professional transformation is rich with creativity and strategy.

Her Clear Vision framework helped ignite me and my team through deep mindset work and radically uplifting tools to expand what was possible for everyone.

We walked away from her sessions with a bigger sense of purpose within our professional landscape, as a team and ultimately as humans.”

DEVON WELLMAN, VP, Global Brand Operations, NBCUniversal

Transform leadership.

I lead teams to find their vision through mindset work and transformational leadership. My masterclasses and speaking engagements result in retaining top talent, increased business results, overall well-being, and creativity of the collective team.

Build Visionary Leaders.

Mindset work is what creates visionary leaders and is the foundation of your teams’ success.


  • They operate at a higher level and are poised for future purpose-driven growth.
  • There is a greater sense of ownership and accountability as they inspire and motivate others.
  • Their leadership, intuition and being are seen, felt and heard by others.
  • The more clarity the more return on investment.

Be future-forward.

People look up to their leaders for answers and inspiration because they are future-focused. At the same time, they need motivation, accountability, and self-awareness to continue to grow. 

“After our masterclass I realized, my team and I are cut from the same cloth! There’s energy and a desire to do great things together, and while yes there are barriers, there is a winning spirit and a support of one another that is unstoppable. Also I was reminded how valuable a third party expert facilitator is in these moments!


When your team has a clear vision their influence and impact multiply. It is time to invest in your biggest asset: your transformational leaders.

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Imagine your team embodies the highest level of transformational leadership.

Imagine your team rallying together to create ideas and results in real time.

It’s a tall order, but that’s what I do with my clients in masterclasses and speaking events.

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“Thanks for your guidance and personal investment to help us realize our personal and team manifesto!“


“My biggest takeaway is that the biggest challenges facing our team are also our greatest strengths!“


Loved Lisa’s energy and style. Really appreciated this approach in a corporate team. I felt the simple exercises we did in this session truly gave me a piece of valuable information about my peers so I can now use that knowledge to understand their needs and be a better partner.“