You’re resilient and successful, but it leaves you burnt out, a little bored, and wondering, “Is this all there is?”

Short Answer: NO

What’s missing is a clear future vision for your personal and professional growth on your terms. If you’re looking to transform your mindset, connect to your Highest Self, and reinvent your personal brand with style, confidence and ease, I’m your coach. 

Signature Process: How does Lisa work with clients?

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We start with your mindset

People often want to skip the inner mindset work and go straight to “the other side.” This is hustle culture at its finest, which leads to burnout and boring branding. Building a creative mindset establishes inner trust, confidence, and true personal power.


  • Personal Essence
  • Personal and Professional Goals
  • Shadow-side Patterns
  • Connection to Your Highest Self
  • Personal Commitment
  • Creative Flow Rituals
  • Self-Care Rituals
  • Clear Vision Declaration
  • Flavor of Leadership

Then we move into personal branding

Sharing your brilliance is your personal brand. Call it what you like—personal branding, thought leadership, your voice, reputation, or character—you are seen and felt before you enter a room. It’s time to feel safe in your full power as the expert of your life, career, or business.


  • Personal Brand Voice and Brand Pillars
  • Target Audience
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Clear Vision Timeline
  • Personal Brand Style
  • Business Planning and Launch Strategy
  • Partners to Execute Marketing and Design

And if you choose to, you can work with the Be Bright Branding team to execute your personal brand design.

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Be Bright Lisa Coaching

Best Part? Accountability

People look to you for inspiration and motivation, but who do you turn to when you want to level up? Me. As your coach and guide, I hold space to help you create your future in real-time, week-to-week with personalized attention and care.

I create personalized coaching experiences in Chicago, my client’s hometown, or virtually.

Self-care is the #1 indicator of successful high-level leadership and reinvention, we’ll develop a strategic plan to support your mind, body, and soul on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as you level up holistically.

Personal branding, when done from the inside out is contagious, it multiples and is abundant. If you are feeling called, it’s time to trust your intuition and invest in your future self. She’s waiting!

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Looking for a group coaching or community experience?


be bright virtual retreat

In the virtual retreat, we’ll focus on the creative inner mindset work to create your dream, as well as the outer work, through brand coaching, and accountability to make it happen.


be bright mastermind

A 5-month mastermind program for ambitious women who crave new possibilities in their career and personal power in their life—the kind of power that’s aligned with their Highest Self.