When you have a Clear Vision you naturally become a visionary. Your influence, income, and impact multiply.

"Lisa's approach to coaching is unlike anything I've experienced before. Her soulfulness and creative energy combine to take you on a purpose journey as emotional as it is transformational."
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Brian Robinson
CCO, Universal Destinations and Experiences

Create your future with me as your clarity coach.

This is your chance to gain clear insights and a practical plan for your life and leadership. If we both decide we are a YES for coaching together, the session cost effortlessly becomes part of your first month of coaching.


Transformational Life and Leadership is 80% mindset, 20% strategy.

You’re at a moment of choice. You’re tired of being tired. Bored of being bored. You see a tiny spark of possibility of who you are, a glimpse into your future. Your Clear Vision is that bright light, but it feels foreign, unfamiliar, and quite possibly scary. You've got some big dreams. You don’t know how to get from here to there, but you are ready.  Welcome to the Messy Middle--the space between who you are today and who you are becoming. Ready for the mind bender? Creativity is how you become more you in your life and leadership.  Creativity isn’t the final painting hanging in a museum. Creativity the day in and day out process of being a creative transformational leader. Creativity lives in the Messy Middle, in a land of uncertainty, and sometimes, quite frankly, confusion. Creativity is the gateway between today and what is currently impossible–your Clear Vision. Personal and professional growth happens in the space between a failure and a miracle. It happens when you choose to stay the course and do the work to be creative, even in the Messy Middle. Are you ready?

Mindset Work results in:

Transformational Leadership results in:

Are you ready to hire a coach?​

You’ve rapidly excelled in your career, now you’re wondering, “Now that I'm here, what do I do?"

You know there is more for you-personally and professionally-but don't know what direction to go in, and don't want to waste time.

Why Lisa? Nowhere else will you find a holistic transformational leadership coach with a creative background to expand what’s possible for you.

“Lisa led me on a beautiful journey of unleashing my creativity and vulnerability as a means to fully realize my purpose in life and work.

Her optimism, approach and understanding of creativity, spirituality, and the transformative power knowing your purpose can do for your life and work is simply one-of-a-kind.”

"I was really excited about blending spirituality and personal growth and understanding the intersections of those things and have dedicated time to dig deep with you."
Deanna Tipton
Data Scientist and Business Owner

Together We Will Bring Your Vision To Life

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and people express who they choose to be through the creative process. I’ve witnessed my clients meet their creativity with tears in their eyes. Executive vice presidents in entertainment, senior vice presidents of strategy, lawyers, real estate agents, data scientists, creative directors, and spiritual leaders. Creativity is not an intangible talent reserved for artistic types, it’s a state of mind that can be learned using my Clear Vision Framework.

“Unsure if you are creative? I can assure you that once you go through Lisa’s framework you will be transformed and ready to live life by your design. Lisa guides you to seamlessly bring all of who you are into your personal and professional brand with a light touch, deep expertise, and a lot of finesse.” 
Marissa Liesenfelt
COO, BossBabe

Tell me more about working together...

We start with your future vision.

The C.L.E.A.R. Vision Framework is your blueprint for designing your future, free from the confines of limiting beliefs. It's a strategic plan to craft the vision of who you are becoming, the life experience you aim to create, and the actionable steps to bring it to life.

The Clear Vision Framework creates:

Visionary leaders, legacies and a kick-ass life.

We Start With Your Inner Platform

Your Inner Platform is the foundation between who you were and who you are becoming.

It’s a 360 of how you see and believe in yourself. It’s built on a creative mindset plus inner trust and elevated energy. When your Inner Platform is rock solid you become a magnet for opportunity.



My clients are confident, creative, courageous leaders who trust their intuition. They know how to laser-focus on what matters most to make the biggest impact. They are curious, and compassionate, and have more personal energy than they ever thought possible.

Then We Move To Your Outer Platform

Call it what you like—personal branding, thought leadership, your reputation, or legacy—you are seen and felt before you enter a room. It’s time to explore who you are and step into your most vibrant self.



My clients experience increased income, high-level promotions, and opportunities to speak, lead global teams, and represent their organizations internationally. Because they have clearly defined their legacy they are seen as visionary leaders.

Create your future with me as your guide.

This is your chance to gain clear insights and a practical plan for your life and leadership. If we both decide we are a YES for coaching together, the session cost effortlessly becomes part of your first month of coaching.