What’s the #1 thing that gets in the way of your goals?

What’s the #1 thing that gets in the way of your goals?

I asked my Be Bright Mastermind this question when we started, and here’s what came back..


“Fear of not meeting expectations”

“Lack of focus”

“Afraid to change because of my age.”

Sounds frustrating? It is. Been there, done that. In fact, I had a conversation with my friend Bob, who is also a coach, about my lack of focus and direction this week (coaches need coaches too…we’re human).

If you are like me (and my guess is you are) you’re an ambitious multi-passionate person. You want to lead your team to create the impossible.

You’re fueled by a desire to do more, create more and be more, in your life and career. But something’s missing.

Maybe it’s accountability, focus or clarity. You need motivation and an action plan. If you are thinking, “Hell yes, I do!”

I’m going to share one of the tools from my Be Bright Masterclass right here, right now, so you can get started on your tomorrow, today.

As a control enthusiast, I attempt to control the world around me…which leads to a lot of frustration and unrealistic expectations of myself and others.

At the end of the day the only 3 things I can control, is my focus, language, and action.

Learn why the only 3 things you can control are your Focus, Language and Action you choose to take.

1. Focus: Clarity is power.

Whatever you focus on you will feel and create meaning around. Focus on being unfocused? Guess what you are creating…yep, a fuzzy blurry vision of what you want to create. Narrow and laser in on one thing at a time.


2. Language: Ask and you shall receive.

This also goes for “Worry and you shall receive.” “Bitch and you shall receive.” You have total authority over what you say is possible or not possible in your future.

Use language that is aligned with what you are laser-focused on.

3. Action: Energy is power.

Definition of Power? Declare something possible (say it out loud), and make it happen (get into action). I’m not talking about big action like starting a non-profit tomorrow, I’m talking about priming your body and energy to meet your focus. Unfocused? Brain fog? Take a look at your sleep, you can’t expect a phone with no batteries to work, time to recharge!

The idea of control resonates with many of my clients who are leaders and managers who want to create their life by design and with purpose. Start with the small moments, reflect on your daily focus…or lack of. Notice when your language is out of alignment with your intentions, are you talking yourself in, or out of your goals?

And lastly, get into action. Here’s my final tip of the day, and it’s a challenge. Right now turn your palms up and place them on your thighs. Leave them facing upwards for 15 seconds. This simple act of opening up will shift your mindset from busy to focus.

I’m curious what gets in the way of your big goals, connect with me and let me know! Likewise, if you have had success with this tool or another one to help you reach your goals, I’d love to hear about it.



Be Bright Lisa



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