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How to set daily actionable intentions

As a magnetic leader, you have big goals for your business, career, and personal brand. You are future-focused, but need to stay grounded in the day-to-day to make it happen. Creating actionable intentions is essential to building the energy and resilience to create the future…today.

What’s the difference between an actionable intention and a goal?

An actionable intention is focused on how you want to be in the moment, and being that way. It’s a determination to act in a certain way. A goal, on the other hand, is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan and commit to achieving.

Think of going to the dentist versus brushing your teeth. Going to the dentist is a goal – you make a long-term plan and do your best to prepare for a good visit. Brushing your teeth, however, is like setting intentions. It’s daily (actually twice a day), and is a ritual that you want to do in a certain way (such as thoroughly so your teeth shine bright).

How can you set an intention in the morning and the evening as you do with brushing your teeth? How can you make setting intentions a ritual?

To set an actionable intention, choose how you want to show up in your day, and put words to it. 

It’s important to use positive words for your intention. And, to focus on how you want to BE. Align your intention with your values, rather than focusing on your problem. For instance, say “I intend to be calm and present,” rather than “I want to be less stressed.” Or, “I want to be productive” instead of “I don’t want to be so busy and overwhelmed.”

Next, say your intention out loud to put your energy into the universe and hold yourself accountable.

Lastly, keep your intention top of mind. Set reminders on your phone to ensure you take two moments a day (at least) to remember how you want to feel and act. And, say your intention out loud when it pops up on your phone. That will help you KEEP your intention alive and protect your energy.

Setting intentions really helps you be responsible for setting and generating your personal energy. Intention setting is very important because you need to maximize your energy to handle the influx of unexpected changes.

Plus, when you boost your energy and manage it intentionally, you can use it to serve and share with others. The greater your capacity to be with strong emotions and change, the greater your positive impact on friends, community, and the world. 

ten questions to set your daily intention

Ten questions to ask yourself when setting your actionable intentions:

You can use one or two that call to you right now. Look within, at your mind, body, and soul, and ask yourself:

1. What do I most value in life? Maybe it’s togetherness. Maybe it’s creativity.

2. What’s the one thing that I can get excited about today? Is it talking to a friend or reading a book? Calling an old client?

3. What’s one word I can use to describe who I want to be today? We have control over our energy and our focus – choose wisely.

4. What is one situation that might stress me out today?

5. And, how would my inner being deal with it?

6. Who is one person I need to connect to today? Remember, we are not emotionally distancing, we are physically distancing.

7. What do I need to do to rejuvenate my spirit today? It’s so important to acknowledge what drains you of energy and schedule activities to fill yourself back up.

8. I know today would be a success if I felt like THIS at the end of the day. What do you want to feel?

9. What do I need to stop doing? For instance, do I need to stop watching Tiger King and choose to connect with a loved one instead?

10. What is missing right now that I need to create an intentional ritual around? Do I need a daily time block for meditation, play, or maybe dance?


Although “intention” is a word that’s tossed around with many meanings, it means nothing unless you take action on it. I hope these questions helped you find one or two prompts that work for you. And, that you can use your intentions to pop you back into who you are as your highest and best self and keep moving forward.

As a compassionate heart-centered leader focused on living your highest and best, sharing your energy with the world is a gift.



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