How to build your Creative Soulful Leadership

Scared to share your big wins? Read this…

Highly ambitious creative people often dim our light to make sure we aren’t shining “too bright.”

My girlfriend and I had brunch last weekend at a funky place called Beatrix where the music is loud, Blondie and Jagger are on the wall and the decor is a mix of recording label lounge and hipster chic. It was a late b-day celebration and we got to talking, as we always do, for about two hours.

Later on that same day she posted this message to Facebook, and with her permission, I wanted to share with you because it’s something that you may struggle with.

Because, creative leaders who lead with heart and soul, don’t want to offend, boost or make a big deal out of the BIG HUGE INSPIRATIONAL thing that they created. Yet, these are the exact things that light them up, and as a result, shine light on so many others.

Creative Leaders lead with heart and soul

My friend goes on to share how she recently developed a series of leadership presentations in her SPARE TIME. She’s the Director of Integrated Media at an advertising agency in Chicago, a mom, wife and singer. Her leadership series is centered around her experiences building a career with what has been labeled as a learning disability. Read on to hear what she said…


“I had brunch with my friend Lisa today and talked about something I wanted to share with you all.

We talked about the feeling you get after you’ve shared your gift with people. The elation you feel when you realize you are doing something you can no longer live without. And the absolute positivity pumping in your veins when the recipients of your gift tell you the same thing.

But we also talked about something I think so many of us struggle with. We talked about how often we dim our light to make sure we aren’t shining “too bright.” You know, that moment when you make less of a huge thing you accomplished because you worry you will come across as full of yourself or boasting on social media. When you get self-conscious of how much you enjoy the attention you are getting for the thing you do/did well so you try to stop it from happening.

Well, I’m going to stop doing that. Because f*ck that noise. ✌🏼

There may be someone waiting to criticize us for one thing or another, and starting today I’ve decided that I’d rather they criticize me for what I’m doing than for any other reason. My ✨shine✨will no longer be in anyone else’s hands. So in that spirit, here are a couple of things I’m very proud of myself for accomplishing in the last few weeks that I’ve not shared here out of fear.


I recently developed the first in a series of leadership presentations/workshops I’m working on in my spare time. The series is centered around my experiences building a career with what has been labeled by others as a learning disability. A few weeks ago, I was invited to present my first workshop to a professional organization to which I belong and I learned that my voice is one not represented much in the business world, but it is needed and appreciated.

Within a week, a post about the event caught the eye of the Director of Business Strategy & Operations at one of the largest companies in the world—she said the subject piqued her interest. So I have a meeting next week to talk about the possibility of bringing my workshop to their headquarters. I’M SO THRILLED at just the thought that someone who sees all sorts of leadership topics go past their desk thought that mine was worth hearing more about. Even if it doesn’t turn into an invitation to present this time, I know for a fact that I’ve got something unique yet relatable to so many people out there.

And then last night, I got to sing my butt off at my first gig in 2 years. We tore the roof off the place during my set. It felt electric, and several people came up to me to tell me I sounded great. It reignited my passion for singing. I thought I was retired, but I think I was just on a sabbatical…
✨ ✨ ✨


Join me in sharing your big deal shit! Post it or simply put it in the comments of this post, cause I want to see your shine, too!”

I hope you found her public Facebook post as exciting and inspirational as I did. It’s true: you are the sum of the top 5 people you surround yourself with and I’m honored to call this creative powerful woman my friend.

Email me, how are you shining, what is that super awesome thing that you want to scream from the rafters about because YOU created it? I want to celebrate with you.



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