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Battling Perfectionism as a Creative Life Coach

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Let me take you on a journey that led me to lose my eyesight before truly seeing myself. It might sound dramatic, and indeed it was—an exhausting story of striving for perfection in every role I played, only to be confronted by a life-altering case of shingles.


Before I became a creative life coach, I was a brand designer, and I was accustomed to crafting the perfect designs that would launch businesses into success.

However, my pursuit of perfection reached its breaking point when I found myself quarantined in the hospital with shingles on the day my daughter was born. Shingles, a consequence of overwhelming stress, became the turning point that forced me to reassess my life.

Becoming a Creative Life Coach: Redefining Roles and Identity

In the quest to be the ideal wife, mother, business owner, and stepmother, I lost sight of who I truly was. The pressure to be the “perfect” everything led to an identity crisis, and my sense of self began to unravel. This struggle intensified as I juggled multiple roles at a high level, from being on the board of directors for a prestigious graphic design community to managing a successful business.

Fast forward to my decision to start a family, and the mounting pressure pushed me to create a non-profit creative community. Amidst the chaos, I feared losing my place in the creative community and becoming a stereotype. The struggle continued during pregnancy, where the loss of control fueled my anxiety.

Discovering the Creative Life Coach Within

As I faced the challenges of motherhood and business, the breaking point came with a severe case of shingles during my second pregnancy, resulting in the loss of vision in one eye. This life-altering event made me question the pursuit of perfection and the priorities that had dictated my life.

Seeking help, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery with the guidance of doctors, holistic healers, life coaches, and even a Buddhist monk. The process was a transformative experience, leading me to question the unrealistic standards I had set for myself and the perpetual quest for perfection.

The Birth of a Creative Life Coach: An Ongoing Journey

Four years later, wearing a corrective lens and occasionally facing stress-related outbreaks, I share my story as a creative life coach. My experience taught me valuable lessons about self-worth, expectations, and the damaging pursuit of an unattainable standard of perfection.

As a creative life coach, I invite you to reassess the expectations placed upon yourself. The pressure to have it all, whether in motherhood, entrepreneurship, or life, can lead to detrimental consequences. You don’t have to conform to society’s definition of “having it all.”

Moving Forward: Redefining “Having It All”

I extend this message to anyone feeling the weight of perfectionism—a quest that leads to stress, insomnia, headaches, and immune disorders. You are not alone. As a creative life coach, I’ve been through it, and I see you.

Remember, you can have it all, but first, you need to define what “it all” means for you. Embrace your imperfections, for you are perfect and more than enough.

Feel free to share this message with anyone who may need to hear it.

Brightly in love,


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I'm Lisa Guillot, a Chicago-based Executive Mindset Coach for Creative Leaders, author of the best-selling book, Find Your Clear Vision. I’m a lover of ridiculously deep conversations, bright dopamine colors and house music.
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