It’s all practice

I’m writing this in an airplane taxiing on the runway at O’hare International Airport. My kids and I began our day at 5:30am for our 8:45am flight. It’s noon, and we are still on the runway.

I really wanted to write to you and share something inspirational, to be “in the zone” and share something extraordinary, some type of #livebrightly message, but how could I #livebrightly stuck on a flight that apparently isn’t going anywhere anytime soon?

And then it hit me.

This is it. This is the moment. Nothing has changed, except my self-awareness that this moment is the practice. I can choose to shift my energy to a higher level, just because I can.

And at that moment I was ready to write, so I pulled out my laptop and started. Because I can.

I often have clients that tell me they are so overwhelmed with the amount of work they have, they couldn’t possibly get it done, so they putter around the house, or binge Orange is the New Black. Sound familiar? This is the place to practice choice. Practice self-awareness.

Here’s a #LiveBrightly lesson: When you are “taxiing” your proverbial runway, consider choosing outside of your blah mindset. What would shift for you if you let that mindset go and choose another?

Still stuck?

Imagine a white light surrounding your head. Take a deep breath and breathe in all of the struggle, procrastination and frustration, then gently exhale into the white light and allow the light to change color, maybe a bright orange, red or yellow.

Continue inhaling the white light with your low energy, and exhaling creating a warm energetic color surrounding you. Now you’ve cleared your low-level mindset and can choose another way of being. Be neutral. Be active. Be a-okay with what is. Be inspired. I was.


As I completed this thought our flight took off. Now my kids and are 28,000 feet above Chicago surrounded by white fluffy clouds moving towards our destination.



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