Personal Branding Tips from a Personal Stylist

What sets me apart as a personal brand strategist is my deep understanding of how your reputation and vibe manifest long before you step into a room. It all boils down to a simple question: “How can I find my personal style?”


Your personal brand acts as a powerful exchange of energy, and individuals are naturally drawn to your energy and expertise when they can perceive your authentic self.


In this digital age, your clothing choices provide an easily accessible window into your persona. Whether we like it or not, it’s undeniable that most people resort to platforms like Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get a glimpse of you before an in-person meeting. This is why the question of “How can I find my personal style?” is so crucial.

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Who you project to the world and how that visual representation aligns with your inner self play pivotal roles in shaping your overall brand experience.

Today, personal stylist, Annie Francis and I are taking a deep dive into the visual aspects of your brand in how it relates to you as a visual representation of your brand: a personal brand, aka: what you wear: aka: how you show up.

Annie has worked with many of my clients to create a style that is consistent with their personal essence and how they want to create their business from the inside out. In addition to being a stylist, Annie is a licensed therapist! She believes in the value of getting to know her clients personally. She has over 10 years of personal and corporate styling experience working with corporate brands, media and the everyday woman. You can see why we were meant to be.

Branding is, as my celebrity crush, Seth Godin puts it, is, “the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

In no part of that definition did you see the words logo, fonts, or even design. This is the most important aspect of a successful business and brand: it’s the entire holistic story, as my friend Jessica Zweig says, “it’s an epic novel!”

Approaching your brand from a holistic perspective means your entire visual, verbal and emotional identity is in alignment with who you are being.

I asked Annie to share her thoughts on personal branding and how your brand walks into a room before you do. For me, this is totally reflective of a holistic approach blending your commitments, personal essence, social media, and style. I believe that your personal style plays right into your confidence and how you show up in a room.


Take it from here, Annie…


How does a woman’s outfit play into her confidence or lack of?

My great grandmother always said “when you feel pretty on the inside, you feel pretty on the out.” she was referring to nice underwear! So it starts there and works its way out.

A woman’s shoulders are more open when they are dressed in an outfit that is truly them. Creativity shines through a wardrobe, even if it is a sleek black look. It’s yours and you own that. I think when you are dressed in a fashion that represents you, your confidence exudes and people feel that energy.

Even if you don’t leave the house, dress for you. It can change your mood with little effort to do so!  There is no doubt compliments come (which make you smile) when you put on an outfit. Make it a goal to wear “your style” of clothing at least 4 days a week…and feel the confidence soar.

How can we be more aware of our clothing choices without obsessing over them?

You don’t have to be the trendiest on the block – but sticking true to your style makes it quite easy to get dressed. That being said, if you see a style icon/celebrity/neighbor have a cool look on…try it out!! If you are dressing your style (whether you love or don’t care for fashion), dressing and shopping shouldn’t consume too much of your time. Think of it as the armor you throw on to conquer your awesome day!

What small, or big things can we consider that will make us memorable, and reflect our personal brand commitments?

Great Question! First of all, it’s figuring out what your style is. Are you classic? Edgy? Bohemian? Etc.? It could be anything from your bracelets, statement necklaces, lip color, always wearing leopard or floral, rings, colored pants, fun bags, and the list could go on! If you have a great piece that is near and dear and gifted to you, that can work or…go purchase something that gives you confidence and really speaks to you and your brand!  (And this could change and evolve over the years, so don’t feel stuck with it!).

Where is the balance between life and work for a mom who works from home and has at least 4 zoom meetings a day? 

Balance…is that word still in the dictionary?! Kidding! It’s there and what I’ve found is to simply get dressed. A tee & jeans & sneakers, a dress with booties, your favorite skirt with a different top. I’ve found just how easy it is to stay in my workout clothes because I’ve either just finished my workout or still have to get to it, but for the sake of you and how you will feel, just throw on an outfit.

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Thank you, Annie! 

What I am taking away from this as it relates to branding and personal branding is:

  • Social media has created a constant conversation between you and your audience. This is also true for people who are making a career change.
  • Your clients and potential employers are sophisticated enough to recognize when they are being taken for a ride. Be yourself, it’s easier for you and more relatable to them.
  • Create time to create your look. It makes you confident and approachable.
  • Business owners, solopreneurs and founders: you are what your potential clients and customers interact with every day.
  • Beautifully thought-out branding and a wardrobe is an investment, an investment in the future success of your brand and business.
  • A positive and long-lasting brand experience needs to be holistically drawn from your true authentic being if you want it to resonate and create those memories Seth talks about and be a business you can feel good about showing up, dressed for impact every day.
  • There’s a lot more work that goes into creating a magnetic personal brand experience and using your outfit to make the right impression is a great starting point.

Now I want to know from you dear reader: Are you approaching your brand or personal brand from a holistic perspective?


Are you purposefully ignoring your closet because it feels massively overwhelmingly uncomfortable?
Consider asking for help. 

If you know someone who this would resonate with, please share, there is more than enough love and support to go around. The more we support each other, the more we all grow and prosper.

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