Q/A Video: My Co-workers trigger me, help!

My intention with these Q&A sessions is to share the power of ontological coaching–life and leadership coaching from you who are being–and what it looks like to peel away the layers of the stories and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living your best life.


Have you ever been triggered by your co-workers, maybe your partner, or children? Anyone?


I’m raising my hand high over here!


Today’s Q/A came from a client who is highly ambitious and has a mindful approach to her career and life. She’s crafting her life purpose and weaving intention into her everyday, but is consistently triggered by a co-worker.

This is a really cool place to dig into if you have been moving towards your purpose in your life, career, or personal brand, but you notice there’s all of these outside forces coming at you.

Let’s do a quick test: If you are triggered, right now, what is the first thing that you’re going do after you’re triggered?

There are typically 3 things that people do when they are triggered.
They quit, attack, or suffer.

All are resistance and are in contrast to what you truly desire. Which flavor of resistance are you showing up as? Just notice that this is a default for you. It’s a beautiful place to take a look because you can choose to come from a different place. You can choose to come from your purpose or your personal essence.


So if you’re being triggered by the universe–clients, co-workers, your life partner, family or friends–while you’re on your path towards your life purpose, notice what your default way of being is, and know that you have a choice. Life is all about choices that move us towards our best life.


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