Michelle Obama has major je ne sais quoi. How do you find yours?

Last week I went to Florida with my husband to attend his FAIA investiture, and side note: Michelle Obama was there. Michelle. Obama. Just. Wow. To be in the presence of a woman with such self-awareness, openness, compassion and real authenticity was a gift.


She has so much to offer this world and she’s only just begun her journey. I was honored to share an hour with her (and 16k architects, but that’s besides the point).

Because Michelle’s reason for being, her “je ne sais quoi” is so awe-inspiring in her approach to life, she inspired me to share how I can help you hone in on your brand and personal essence to help you define what it means to you. Let’s take a look at what your je ne sais quoi is.


“You don’t have to be the First Lady to have influence. Never underestimate your power to change a life by just being present.” Michelle Obama

During her talk, which was her first public appearance since leaving office, she shared her thoughts on authenticity and how she sees her life post-White House.

I reference Michelle Obama in many of my workshops because if you follow her, you know exactly what she believes and cares about. She shared that

“Authenticity means Michelle Obama is the same Michelle Obama you see here and with my girlfriends, walking the dog, being First Lady, it is the same person, and it’s a lot easier because I don’t have to pretend.”

Being authentically YOU is easy. You heard it here first!

If this was the case for us mere mortals then why would anyone need a life and brand coach? We’d all be pure reflections of our highest and best authentic selves. And that’s not the case, at least not all the time. My guess is that the Obamas have an entire team of coaches. No joke.

So, how do you find your brand essence? In fact, what’s a brand essence?

My coaching and consulting practice centers on holistic branding, which means your entire visual, verbal and emotional identity is in alignment with who you are being.

You know that feeling when everything is flowing, you are in the zone, and the universe has your back? It’s that high vibration when you are on fire, that’s your essence shining through. It’s you, and your brand at it’s best.

Who you are being in your business and brand are a direct reflection of your brand commitment.

Consider these questions as you begin your exploration of your brand and business essence:  

As the leader of your business, what are you committed to in your life? How does that form your life experience? What would you change about your day to reflect your purpose?

If we were to look at you, what would we think your essence is? How does it shine through your products, services, culture and leadership?

Who are you being when you are in flow? What does that look like? How can we tell?

These are a few areas to consider looking at…because that’s how a brand is seen and felt, we see you, in all of your glory, and to be honest, we (your target audience) make a judgment call: Does this person and brand reflect something I want in my life? It’s an easy decision when it’s clear and present. The rub is finding your essence and consistently sharing that.


“If you have leverage to push. Push for you and for those that can’t.” Michelle Obama

I truly see what you have to share with the world as a gift, and as entrepreneurs, founders and leaders we have the leverage to share that gift, it’s our purpose and reason for being. Our je ne sais quoi.

“I believe my story, I bring my truth, openness. I hear you and hug you, that’s real. It shines through and it not something you can hide.” Michelle Obama



Be Bright Lisa



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