Live Coaching Session: creativity

I’m excited to share a live coaching session with Lindsay, a leadership coaching client of mine. In this conversation we took a deep dive into something that is holding her back in her creative expression.

A little about Lindsay, she is an amazing certified educator and tutor. She uses her guidance and expertise to support families who are raising strong, confident kids. You can learn more about her services here.

In this live coaching conversation we coached around how she wants to incorporate fun, play, enjoyment and art into her everyday life. And on the other side of that–what is it costing her not to explore that side of herself?

This is going to be a powerful coaching conversation for you if you are creative or have a playful side that you don’t give permission to show up.


Maybe you are making art right or wrong.

Maybe you are shielding yourself from judgement.

Maybe you are afraid that if you are spending time being playful you are missing opportunities to “get ahead” in your career.


My intention with these live professional coaching sessions is to share the power of ontological coaching–what it looks like to peel away the layers of the stories and mistaken beliefs that are holding us back and reach deep into what we most desire in our life. Then, most importantly, how to take action on that desire.

If you are thinking about hiring a coach, this is a great place to start because it shows you a behind the scenes look at how the conversation could go.

I want to invite you to listen to what ah-ha moments you may have for yourself.

What resonates with you?

What insights do you see for yourself and how that relates to your life or creativity?

I’d love to hear what those insights are, email me here. And if you are ready to see what’s possible for your life, career or business, let’s have a single session to see if we are a match. Sign up here.


If you’re interested in diving deeper into what’s next for you, book an introductory coaching session with me.

This is your invitation to transform your tomorrow.