Life Coaching Spotlight: Q&A with Lisa Henderson

I want to share with you my client, Lisa Henderson’s experience with my program. She and I worked together for 3 months. Her transformation was tangible. I was floored every time we had a session. She dove in head first and made huge changes in her life. I can’t wait to share her experience with you!

I’ll be the first to admit: no one needs a life coach. You can continue to live your life, just as is. But here’s the catch for me, why I hired a life coach, and why I started my program: You only have one life. Period. Start living, start creating, start doing, start being.

So, without further ado, let’s hear from Life by Design coaching client, Lisa Henderson:


Before working with Lisa, what was your perception of what a life coach or business coach was? 

Upon hearing about the life coaching opportunity, I thought to myself “I don’t need a life coach. I am happy. I have a great husband that I love. I have two great kids. I have a fulfilling part-time job. I don’t need any help.”  Mind you; I am also the person who tells the sales person at the store that I am just browsing, and I don’t need any help. Note to self: when someone offers help, take it!

I expected the life coaching experience to be very serious where faults are highlighted and strict to-do lists are created. This vision couldn’t have been further from the truth. For the past three months, I have looked forward to my weekly life coach call. As a mother and wife, having that one hour to focus on inner myself was incredibly sacred. I left every call feeling empowered and more and more like my true self. This life coaching experience will be my fork in the road where I starting living every day in my life as my true essence.

True Essence-03

How do you describe Lisa’s style of coaching? What makes her different? 

Lisa is approachable, spiritual, encouraging, open to laughter and nonjudgmental.

From talking about sex to my history of anxiety to sharing my wildest career aspirations, Lisa stayed focused on helping me find ways to live that life I wanted.  I especially liked when she would share stories from her own life journey because it highlighted how the tools and techniques really do bring out the right path for each individual person.

What value have you created in your life from coaching? 

Value #1: That my essence is the only data point I need to make a decision.

I was a super researcher – in the worst sense of the word. I would spend years researching couches, dishes, new technology items, trying to find the perfect item. As I found new data points, it would propel my searches even further. I now can make a decision when it comes to buying big-ticket items by listening to my gut.

Value #2: Simplify the equation by focusing on the overarching purpose and goal.

I was a woman of many lists. My life was full of items to be completed. Grocery shopping, pedicure, writing in the baby books, compiling photo albums, taking my kids to classes, etc. Through the Design Project, I was able to articulate my bigger goals and life purposes. These goals then filtered into my daily life. Grocery shopping became a time to teach my kids how to be adventurous with food, the pedicure became a time where the kids learning about well-being, the baby book writing became a time to share stories of my life, and the kids schedule became more curated.

Value #3: Create goals and don’t forget the rewards.

The Design Projects were awesome because it broke down the goal into small components that also deserved a reward.  In the past, I would create a large goal (lose 10lbs) and then a big reward for that goal (get a big piece of cheesecake. – ha) The problem would be that I would lose steam on the big goal and then feel bad about not getting the reward. The small components, with small rewards, keep me going now.

Value #4: Your future self is a powerful mentor.

I have never had a mentor before so I always felt a bit unsure about what I was trying to become. The Tara Mohr’s Future Self Meditation exercise is so valuable for me. The future Lisa is this incredibly confident woman who speaks her mind, offers wisdom, and build things. She also wears cowboy boots.  In moments of hesitation in my life, I look to that future Lisa and immediately have the confidence to make the next move.

What is one of the biggest insights you have had in your life since working with Lisa? 

That the thing I was really good at (research) was actually holding me back in life. It changed my life to realize that my essence is the only data point I need to make a decision.  I am able to suppress the self-doubt and create the version of myself that is fully expressed in what I buy, in what I wear, in how I raise my kids, in the opinions I express at dinner parties, in the relationship with my family. Having this knowledge has also eliminated my feelings of jealousy in other people because I now see that being jealous was just a signal to myself for not living fully expressed.

Crafting a word to define my life purpose was also an insightful moment for me. It got to the source of where all my magical moments have occurred. By having this tagline, I am able to transform daily tasks into a notch in my life purpose.

True Essence-02

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coaching / What do you think the value of coaching is? 

A life coach will not solve your problems, but they will teach you how to solve your own problems through peeling back the onion layers on who you are as a person.  You will learn to love yourself more than you ever thought possible and through that, you will be able to shine a bright light onto everyone around you.  You will see a different approach to life and will be able to rise above the crowd to find your own peace.

Lisa Henderson,

Thank you for sharing your life with me these last few months, it’s been an adventure, a joy and a magical ride to be with you as we explored what is possible in your life. I am so excited to see where your essence is going to lead you, your family and your life’s work! 

Be bright, Lisa