Coaching for creative soulful leaders

I see you

Dear intuitive and magenetic leader,

I wrote you a poem.

I see you becoming more you. 

I see your self-awareness blooming like a lotus.

I see you marinating in your purpose and pickling in it.

I see you using vulnerability as a clue for curiosity.

I see you leading your energy with empathy.

I see you asking and receiving inner guidance.

I see you welcoming wonder—breathing, eating and dreaming it.

I see you hovering in the unknown with your feet firmly rooted in heart. 

I see you overflowing, in a stream of ideas, flowing in and out, and yet you,

my friend, are the calm in the anarchy of overwhelm. 

I see you expanding your capacity to be with more—time swells at a snap of your fingers.

Your curiosity is a superpower.

Your intuition is loud, lively and secure.

Your ego is tamed.

Your vision is a prism of light.

Your spontaneity is electric.

Your imagination is water, soil and sunshine.

Your energy is your brand. 

You asked me, “Who am I to be a creative soulful leader?”

Friend—your soul has a body and a voice. See? You just are.



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