Coffee + Coaching Session 2: Mindset and Productivity

Join me in my 2nd Coffee + Coaching zoom session during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you missed the first session about how to set daily intentions, be sure to watch that one too.

My intention is to lead you into a transforming relationship with your self-awareness, compassion and energy, which is particularly important while we work from home during Covid-19.

In this Coffee + Coaching Session I’m sharing:

1. How to create a clear mindset using a very simple visualization tool

2. Mindset shifts for energy management

3. How to use your language to create boundaries and agreements with your family, co-workers and kids

4. My 4×4 daily schedule tool

5. A leadership checklist to structure your energy and well-being It’s vital to create mental space to replenish and take ownership over who you are being so you can serve others using your special talents.

Join me for this live learning opportunity and gift yourself the time to focus on you.




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