Want to Hit Your Target? Focus.

Use your mindset to manage where you focus your attention.

Laser focus is your superpower. Your world may be topsy-turvy, but when you are laser-focused on your personal commitment, and your intuition you will hit your goals every time.

When you focus on overwhelming feelings, stress, and sadness, it’s a beautiful way to avoid change, focus, and productivity.

Yes, there is a time and place to take a closer look and process those emotions. But, it isn’t productive to sit in that emotion all day long. Especially when there are so many places where you can be of service. It is vital for you to get unstuck, take control of your attention, and refocus positively on your goals.


If you are off-course, hit the refocus button.

To help yourself focus, first, figure out what’s underneath your unproductive feelings…what’s triggering them?

For instance, are you glued to the news? Personally, when I listen to the news during Covid-19 and hear stories of people hurting, desperate and unsure of where they are going to find their basic needs, I feel a frog in my throat, a tear in my eye. I’m overwhelmed with sadness and grief. I take time to process those feelings and look at what’s triggering them.

Trigger: Unsure of the future state of the world and my inability to help. I’m craving safety, certainty and compassion. It doesn’t serve anyone for me to stay stuck in the sadness, but once I process what I’m craving, I can move towards productive emotions.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back from our triggers, so that we don’t become stuck in a state of paralysis. Though I don’t want to be completely oblivious of what’s going on in the world, I know it’s not healthy for me to watch the news constantly, so I set restraints for myself, so I don’t get sucked into this mindset of impending doom.

Once you figure out what clouds your mindset and drains your energy, I invite you to get present to the now, find your clear mindset, and refuel your inner being.



Fuel Your Focus with an Energy Drainer Versus Energy Generator List

You may not be a superhero, but you CAN laser focus on your target for periods of time to create massive change. To fuel your focus, take a piece of paper and fold it down the middle. Write the Energy Generators on one side and the Energy Drainers on the other side.

What gives you energy and helps you pop back into focus and clarity? Is it a song? A hard crunchy pretzel? A hug? On the other hand, who or what drains you of energy? Do certain media sources or types of food sap your energy?

Once you have your list, focus on what gives you energy. Play your go-to song. Drink your water. Do breathwork. Structure your day and your surroundings to sustain your positive energy and free up your mind to focus on your personal commitment. With that energized focus, you will be more productive, creative and of service. Which the world needs at this time.

If this feels a bit daunting, I get it. When the world turns upside-down, there’s no one who has as much stress or takes on as much responsibility as a high-performing woman.

You deserve high-level support that fuels your focus and helps you take care of all the people who are depending on you. Support that ensures you will navigate the New Normal with finesse and joy.

And, despite how things might feel right now, this is actually the perfect time to start planning a new direction for what you REALLY want to do with your one brilliant life. So, take a deep breath and take it one step at a time. Slowly, you’ll get back to where you want and need to be.



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