Feminine Leadership

Honing in on Divine Design Thinking and Intuitive Leadership

We’re in a global moment of transformation, we need your intuitive leadership right now. We need female leaders who are living their Intuitive Life Strategy, empowered to break through the old systems of social injustice, patriarchal structure, and perfectionism to fulfill their Divine Design.

Sound like a bold statement? Yes, it does, because it is. Can a Holistic Life Strategy do all that? Yes. I’ve seen its power first-hand. It is a dynamic combination of Divine Design Thinking + Whole Self Strategy that transforms lives and, in turn, the world.

This article is jam-packed with:

  • What Divine Design Thinking and Wholistic Self Strategy are and how to use them to your advantage.
  • The top 3 ways to connect to your Divine Design and tap into your intuitive leadership.
  • And finally a 3-step future-self journalling exercise + downloadable workbook. Let’s get started.

Divine Design thinking + Wholistic self strategy

What is Divine Design Thinking?

Divine Design Thinking is a process in which you awaken the divine whole-self inside you. First, you identify and remove the limiting beliefs holding you back. Then, you awaken to your sacred worthiness. You realize you are 100% worthy to express yourself and your desires fully.

Have you ever felt that way?

Women often resist happiness, self-imposing imaginary limits to how happy their life should be.

And once women come close to our imaginary limit, we tend to sabotage ourselves. Self-sabotage is connected to the fear of achieving our full potential – what Gay Hendricks calls the “upper limit mindset” in The Big Leap.

On top of that, we have upper limits out of our control. Before the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988, a woman could not take a business loan without the signature of a male relative. Women couldn’t make a financial, business, or real estate decision without the patriarchy’s approval.


What is a Whole Self Strategy?

A Whole Self Strategy is your plan for bridging the gap from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

My top 3 recommended connections to implement your Whole Self Strategy:

  1. Connection to an accomplished, supportive community for accountability. I ran a Power Pack group program this Spring and members were hitting goals like new sales records, pandemic hiring, and writing a new book.
  2. Connection to your divine self as a top priority. Take a break from the masculine energy of ambition and ego to replenish and hear your intuition.
  3. Connection to your Soul. I think the wellness industry has it all backward because it’s not Mind, Body, Soul. It’s Soul, Body, Mind. If we connect to our mind first, we inevitability default to our masculine energy of drive, ambition, and doing. Instead, ask your soul what it desires, check in with your body and what it’s feeling, and then tell your mind what to do.

Now, from a state of relaxation, community, and connection to your spirit, let’s figure out the future self we need to build a Whole Self Strategy for our intuitive leadership.

Step 1: Imagine it’s 1 year from today. Imagine your most beautiful and fully expressed life, and paint that picture with words. Think of these categories:

  • Career + Lifestyle
  • Personal Relationships + Social Justice
  • Spirituality + Well-being
  • Creativity + Learning

What are you doing? Who are you being? What have you created, and what have you let go of? What has changed?

Step 2: Now, go back and cross out the things that you wrote, because you thought you “should do” them, but they don’t light you up.

These are often the first things that come to mind because they’re driven by societal norms about career or family and are not connected to your highest divine self.

Step 3: Next question, who is going to support you to create that amazing life you have just painted?

I challenge you to write down at least five people, groups, or communities that will support you to create your Whole Self Strategy.

As we saw from June’s breakthrough, developing and executing your Whole Self Strategy is NOT a lone wolf moment. That’s why I created the Divine Design Mastermind.

The Divine Design Mastermind is an inclusive group of highly ambitious women who crave greater possibilities and personal power—with massive support from real peers. It includes:

  • Structured sharing with members so everyone is heard
  • Hot Seat Coaching with Lisa
  • Strategy Training—worksheets, and step-by-step plans for your Whole Self Strategy
  • Guest Speakers— from financial gurus to light and energy workers to personal stylists

Because you are here, and part of my powerful community, I want to invite you to schedule a conversation with me to see if the Mastermind is right for you.

Remember, we are in a Global moment of transformation. Humanity needs powerful feminine leadership. We need to build a community now. We need to connect to ourselves now and utilize our intuitive leadership. Let’s do this together.


Divine Design Mastermind for Female Leaders

Be Bright Lisa



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