Create a support network to make powerful choices

Are you a creative business leader? Maybe you’ve been identified as an emerging leader but desire more magnetism and inner trust as you level up In your career? People look to you to make quick and powerful decisions, but you feel like you are lacking a personal support network to help you?


This is how you make powerful choices, and who you need in your support network to radically up level your confidence, decision-making and personal power.

Let’s start with how you make powerful choices. Do your current choices serve your personal commitment? Or do you find yourself, more often than not, stuck, overthinking with no idea where to turn? Or, with all of the uncertainty and upheaval, are you making a surprising number of mistakes and beating yourself up for it?  Our choices flow from our mindset, and here’s how to notice where you make choices from. 



There are 3 mindset approaches we all make choices from:

  1. Empowered Choices. When you make a choice from your personal essence, from your spirit, from your soul, from your essential values. You know this choice leads you towards your big goals and dreams, even if it’s simply setting your alarm for 6am and not hitting snooze, that’s an empowered choice.
  2. Disempowered Choices. When you make a choice from a place of scarcity, uncertainty, and fear.  You know this choice isn’t in alignment with your highest and best, but it appears to be the ‘easy route’ or it will make you look ‘perfect’ if you just stay up until 2am working to prove you are really that good to your boss. You’ll notice your body knows this choice is disempowering because your body is tense, and your breathing is shallow. I always feel these choices in my shoulders.
  3. Frozen Choices. When you make no decision at all. You go fuzzy, you blank out. You blame others. You postpone. Making a frozen choice–meaning no decision at all and instead let someone else make the decision, or let enough time past by that you don’t have to make a decision, is in fact–disempowering. 


So, the question is, “How can I consistently make powerful choices that are in alignment with my highest and best self?”

I’ve found that when I’m fully supported in my soul, mind and body–when I reach out for support from my network of professionals, then I make empowered choices. I call my support network my Power Pack.


A Power Pack is your personal set of supportive people and tailored resources who believe in:

  • intention and integrity
  • action over perfection
  • purpose before productivity
  • using your creativity
  • deep compassion and self-care

How to Design Your Power Pack for Personal Leadership

We don’t need to make this harder than it needs to be, I’m betting you already know many people you can include in your Power Pack that you don’t even realize already support your highest and best. To start, take a piece of paper and draw 5 circles with lines that connect them all in the middle. That’s you in the middle- the connection, the source, the heart of your Power Pack. You can also print out the blank image above.


Physical Power

Start with your physical body. Your physical movement is so important, it is the vessel that holds your soul, mind and energy. Write down the fitness classes or movements that you love. Is it going out in nature for 15 minutes before you have lunch and then again at 3 p.m.? It can be a small or big moment, but whatever it is, make a commitment to something that gives you power. In my Physical Power Pack I have Core Power Yoga, my friend Jena Ertel’s Pom Squad Fitness, and my sister who is a Les Mills addict and I know is super supportive of me.


Spiritual Power

The Spiritual Circle can mean anything that helps you go within, whether that’s being in nature or forming a relationship with Source Energy, God or the Universe. I practice breath work to be connected to my spirit. I also have a spiritual mentor who is a healer and light worker I meeting with monthly. My family and I attend an open-minded and activist-driven church called Soul City in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

People that you admire for their positive energy, who replenish and inspire you, are also part of your Spiritual Circle. For instance, I include Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Super Attractor, and Danielle Laporte, author of the Desire Map, in my Power Pack. Think about who and what lights up your inner spirit, and put them in your circle.


Emotional Power

Your Emotional Circle is the group of people that lift you up to level 11. What I mean by that is that when you are around them, they will generate massive energy for you by holding space for all of your emotions as you need. They can be friends, your family of choice, support groups like AA or a virtual community. These are your coaches and therapists.  Your emotional circle offers empathy, constructive support, and compassion. 


Community Power

Community relates to the groups you choose to surround yourself with. They can be paid communities, for example, I’m a member and columnist for the American Marketing Association, I’m also a member at Soho House in Chicago. Choose communities that light you up and empower you.  In 2013 I co-founded Forth Chicago which is a community for creative entrepreneurs. Consider if you can’t find the community you desire–create it. 


Accountability Power

Lastly, accountability. These are the people that hold you responsible to your creative consciousness and your highest and best because, well, you pay them.  These are different than your friends or mentors who may let you get away with lowering your bar because of circumstances, these are the people who are paid to be your guide and accountability partner. I know that every good coach has their own coach. I even have a consciousness guide, and a weekly check-in with my coaching community. These non-negotiables hold me accountable to the creative consciousness I want to embody. 

Once you have your Power Pack complete, notice where you may have some gaps and where you need additional support. Holistic Leaders don’t go it alone, the lone wolf leadership model is outdated, leaves you depleted and burnt out. Building a Power Pack will lift you up, in turn helping you generate the energy to expand your capacity to be with more leadership decisions that will only elevate your personal power, but the impact that you can make in your world and the lives of others.



Be Bright Lisa



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