Life, Brand + Business Coaching Spotlight: Q&A with Searah Deysach

“Searah, how would you describe my style of coaching?”


“I would describe your coaching style as intuitive and gentle, yet directive.”


Searah Deysach is the owner of Early 2 Bed, Chicago’s only woman-owned high-quality sex toy shop. Focused on feminism and sex-positivity, Searah is a leader in the industry. This year Early 2 Bed is celebrating their 15th year anniversary. That is a testament to her presence in Chicago, the need for a woman-friendly sex shop, and, shoot, for any retail location! Fifteen years people!

Searah is highly involved in local community groups, speaks at colleges and events nationwide and is a compassionate, authentic, charismatic leader. She is also passionate about gender expression, reproductive justice, sex education, her family and candy.

Searah and I started working together in February 2015. We explored many avenues of her business and leadership over 8 months. Last week I asked her a few questions about her experience working with me.

Why did you hire me?

“I hired you because I felt like I was drowning and losing control of my business. I needed someone to step in and help me focus and get things back under control.”

In your business what are two of the biggest accomplishments you have created since working with me? 

“I have hired a new person which allowed me to focus more on MY tasks and I have implemented new systems to manage my staff better.”

In your life (or approach to life) what are two of the biggest insights have you noticed?

“I need to acknowledge my role as a leader more and to honor the qualities that make me an effective leader.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coaching, what is the value of coaching with me?

“I would tell them that I got a LOT out of our work together and that coaching is a great solution when you are feeling stuck. Working alone is hard and having someone step in and listen to you and reflect on what is going on can help you see things in a new way. Also having someone that you are accountable to can make all the difference when it comes to getting things done or making a big change.”

Searah, thank you for sharing with me and being you; an open, explorative, charismatic woman leader! 

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