three top-tier mindset coaching tools to bring massive power to your intuition and language

Your Words Will Make or Break Your Day

How you talk to others–the words and emotions you choose–can create power and purpose, or on the other spectrum, can create dissonance and separation.

Your words create energy that will make or break your day. It’s especially important to choose your words wisely during this time of shelter-in-place, as we’re connecting more than ever with our partners and kids.

Communicate positively and authentically to put your day, and relationships, in the win column.

Don’t expect things from other people without using respectful words and seeking mutual agreement. I am a big believer in “Ask and you shall receive.” Similarly, “Worry and you shall receive.” “Bitch at somebody and you shall receive.”

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Here are three top-tier mindset coaching tools to bring massive power to your intuition and language.

1. SAFE Practice

How do you pick the words that boomerang positive energy back to you when you’re in a difficult conversation? Use the SAFE Method. This was taught to me by my spiritual advisor, Lisa Almquist.

  • S = Stop  
  • See the drama in front of you, and do not engage.
  • Bring your hand to your heart to start a soul connection and break out of the negative energy and unkind words. If you need to, remove yourself from the environment.

  • A = Acknowledge
  • Get real with yourself and acknowledge that you’re triggered.
  • Let go of righteous thinking.

  • F= Feel
  • Feel the specific emotion. Let yourself connect to the fear, hurt, or anger underpinning the experience.
  • You don’t have to swim in these feelings; just know they are present.

  • E = Expand
  • The feeling is a gateway. Dig deeper into the root of the emotion being brought to the surface for healing.
  • As you widen your capacity to be with more emotions, you’ll see that the emotion often mirrors what you’re feeling about YOURSELF.
  • Come back to your breath.

When you use the SAFE method, it’s easier to talk with people instead of at people.

You’re more present with how you’re feeling, and therefore choosing words from a clear, positive place. If you are unsure whether you are acting from your highest Self, use the WAIT method and ask yourself: [W]hy [A][I] [T]alking?” Do you want to share and uplift? To be of service? Or do you want to spread murky negativity?

2. Shoulding on Yourself

Another way to ensure positive language is to check if you are “shoulding” on yourself. “I should be more attentive; We should be doing more exercise….” You can always find a slew of things you “should be doing.” But using those negative words takes you out of the now, and breaks your momentum.

Notice when you’re shoulding on yourself, and how it’s affecting your mindset. Then, actively break out of that mindset, pop yourself back into the now, and take a small step toward a daily goal.

3. Intuitive Leadership Checklist

My Intuitive Leadership Checklist is a great way to keep your mindset positive and authentic, so your words are rooted in wellbeing and strength. Even if you only focus on one item for the next day or two, you’ll start to build your mind/body connection and see an improvement. This is just a snippet of my checklist, if you’d like to see more, reach out for an introductory session!

  • What habits do I need to reinvent to be in my personal essence more often?
  • What am I doing to create a sense of well-being and strength?
  • How will I generate my energy?
  • How do I structure my time to win at this new game?
  • How can I communicate with authenticity?

Congratulations on striving to generate your own energy and share it with the people around you. On having a flexible growth mindset and being self-aware, so you can put positive, authentic words into the world.

If this discipline feels a bit daunting, I get it. There’s no one who has as much stress or takes on as much responsibility as a high-performing woman. And, many businesses have been turned upside down, right now. So, how can you create an opportunity to serve in a new way?


Being a magnetic and intuitive leader has its challenges, but here’s the truth: your potential is bigger than what you currently believe. This is your one-time invitation to transform your mindset of what’s possible for you. Book your introductory coaching session with Lisa today.  

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