What you wear today can change your entire life

I bought a pair of gold pants a few weeks ago and have been trying to figure out when the best time to wear gold pants was.

And then, for no particular reason I decided that it was last Friday Dec 2, because why not? I bought them because they inspired feelings of my college club days, celebration and expressive energy. They are freaking amazing and fun! I made the conscious choice that any day is a damn good day to wear gold pants.

So, what was stopping me from wearing them? In my mind I felt I needed a reason, an occasion, an excuse, I needed something special to happen to grant me permission to wear gold pants.

And I’m calling bullsh** on myself. Permission, seriously?

What is it that makes me retreat from full self-expression? Where else am I asking permission to be myself?

So let me tell you what happened when I decided to wear them. I went to a hot yoga class in the morning, the got ready for the day in the locker room. The Core Power studio manager died over them, “Where did you get those?! I want a pair!” It brought a glow to her face.

Then I went to Soho House for lunch with a friend, “What are you wearing? You look adorable!” I told her that any day is a good day for gold pants, and she beamed with radiance and energy.

They stirred up so much conversation, it was like a magnet of bright sunshine on a cloudy day.

Imagine, if you could wear gold pants on an ordinary day, what does that make possible for you? Does that make you squeamish? Does that make you giddy?

What if I give you permission to be full expressed in what you wear this week? Go ahead, wear that piece you love love love and are ‘saving for a special occasion.’ Today is a special occasion. You are a special occasion.

What conversations and possibilities are you going to create with that special piece? I can tell you right now, by not wearing it, you are not going to create anything.

There are three ways to make a choice today:

  1. You can make an empowered choice.
  2. You can make a disempowered choice.
  3. You can make no choice at all, which is, in turn, disempowering.

What are you going to choose today? 

My six-year-old son took a picture of the gold pants when I picked him up from school, he thinks they are super hero pants. They are.



Be Bright Lisa



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