23 ways to get unstuck and gain laser focus: part 1

I’m beyond excited about August and what I’m going to share with you so you can become the personal leader and badass powerhouse I know you already are. I’ve been gathering tons of research, data and methods to help you do the TWO things that clients ask me for the most:

“Lisa, I’m just stuck, how do I get unstuck?”

“Lisa, how do I stay laser focussed?”

Do these two questions resonate with you? Where are you stuck? Maybe it’s your career or a certain relationship. Maybe it’s with that personal branding project you really want to start…but something holds you back.

This month I’m going to get you out of stuck and into action.

There are countless ways to generate focus. The trick is to find the method that work best with your core beliefs, personal values and way of being.

In order to laser focus some people take a few deep breaths, and there are present: no problem. Other people need to be in the right environment, and only in the morning. Some people need an intense cross-training workout before they can laser focus on their day. What works for you?

Part of of 23 ways to get unstuck and gain laser focus, 1-11

1. Effort-less

While it is good to be specific, when setting up goals and planning how to attain them, be careful of thinking that is too rigid or, gasp, strategic.
Telling your inner self that you want to increase your focus in a specific way with a specific outcome can blind you to unexpected opportunities and methods.
By all means, have laser focus, but allow time and space to deliver what you need in its own unique way. You’ll find it is often much better and more generous than the strategic outcome you were expecting.


2. Let Go of Everything that No Longer Serves its Purpose

If you want laser focus in your life, make room for it. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, knick-knacks—clean out your closet. Get all Marie Kondo on your life.
What you are doing when you de-clutter is letting your mindset know you are ready for better things. Even better, you’re literally making room for abundance.


3. De-clutter Your Emotions

It’s all well and good de-cluttering your closet or your office, but be sure to spring clean other areas of your life. What habits and thoughts have you been clinging on to that no longer serve you? Let them go. Fire them. Give them permission to leave.


4. Take Action

A journey begins with one step, but until you take that step, you are standing still. Ridiculously obvious… but signaling your intent to your mindset by taking action can be the most powerful manifestation technique possible. Remember that feeling is not doing! Thoughts become things…if you make them.

5. Be Grateful for the Smallest Sign

Remember that when it comes to getting unstuck, sometimes the smallest action can cause the biggest paradigm shift. Look for signs that lead you down a different path and consider traveling down it for 25 minutes, take a different route to work, don’t wear your headphones on the train or turn off the radio in your car and just listen and look around, what shows up? What have you been missing while you’ve been stuck?


6. Adopt a Laser-Focused Mindset

Listen, you have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day, 90% are repeats according to UCLA researchers. Imagine repeating “I’m stuck.” 63,000 times. It’s no wonder you’re stuck like glue to that idea. 

There’s no magic to overcoming this: Simply make the resolution that from this moment forth you will focus on the successes in your life from this moment forth.

Seeing all the ways in which you do move towards a better life can be the most powerful mindset shift of all.


7. Give When You’re Lacking

When things are really blurry and you are so stuck in your life, career or creative ideation, there’s a natural tendency to go into Fear Mode, and focus on the big hole in the boat. This leads to lowered vibrations as we let fear paralyze us, and keep us stuck.

Next time you are stuck in stuck, look outward. Donate to a cause you care about. Giving when it hurts is a powerful way to raise your vibrant and signal your trust to something higher than yourself.

8. Watch Your Words

Words are powerful. Words create your reality, so eliminate words that dis-empower you, like ‘someday’, or ‘one day’ or ‘in the future’.
Instead, substitute phrase like ‘I am going to …’ (as in “I am going to the submit for that keynote speaker gig on August 15”). Once you make a clear commitment and date to measure it by, you will find all sorts of ways to move toward that goal, and it will start moving towards become a reality.


9. Create a Success Playlist

It’s a well-known fact that music can energize or depress. You energy shifts in minor or major keys. This is why Coldplay is sometimes to sad to listen to, it creates an oddness in the air, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s just me.
Create a playlist that fills you with hope, energy, peace and ease…whatever you need to generate an environment for focus. Play it while you’re working; playing while you’re taking a break. Play it whenever you need a soul boost.
This is one of my favorite practices for my clients. I personally listen to a song before every client session to help me clear my energy and focus 200% on that client and their needs. For month’s my go-to, ironically was Coldplay’s Sky full of Stars.

10. Take Care the Practical as well as the Mindset

Clean out your cobwebs: When setting the stage for laser focus we need a clean slate. Pay your bills.  Make your bed (yep, there is literally research about these laughable proverbs, “Messy bed, messy head!”

Having a clean slate can help focus your efforts; plus, paying even the smallest amount on bills is empowering, as well as smart.


11. Acknowledge Fear

Being positive is not about denial. It’s not about yelling ‘I open myself to the abundance around me’ when you have just lost your biggest client, because, seriously, that delusional, you may have just opened yourself up for something better, but it probably doesn’t feel so great at the moment, don’t fool yourself.

Recently I was furious when someone close to me called me “care-free”, as in “We all can’t be as care-free as you Lisa.” I was hurt because I care deeply, but I’m choosing a lightness in my heart and step instead of living in fear. Fear shows up in different ways for everyone. I’m in fear-mode when I’m being reactive instead of proactive, for example.

An ancient Oriental proverb goes, “my enemy is my teacher”. Adopt that approach to fear. Use it as a learning tool and a motivator, and let it empower you.

Stop fighting fear, you are losing energy and trying to win that game.
Instead face your fear and acknowledge it, do not be derailed by it. Facing your fear can teach you that you have the power to deal with it, rise above and meet your goals.


If you know somebody who has just maybe been in a rut, needs a little mindset shift, a mindset reframe, share this post with them, they’ll thank you for it.

Be Bright Lisa



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