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 10 Strategies to Break Free from Stuck and Ignite Laser Focus

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I don’t know why you stumbled across this blog post, but I’m going to guess you lost your superpower to laser focus.


Maybe you are having trouble concentrating on building the life or career you know you want, so you may feel deflated, a bit lost and unable to focus. I get it, I’ve been there.

Once you realize being stuck sucks and you know there is more for you out there, you desperately want to learn how to laser focus, which makes you want to laser focus more, and you start to swirl in stuck.

I approach focus differently. Most creative life coaches will tell you to try harder, like Superman–stare at it a little longer until laser beams come out of your eyes. Sounds exhausting.

Here’s what I know is true: In order to laser focus you need to expand your energy.

Imagine this: laser focus is like a pair of scissors. The blades are like your focus, and you have to open them really wide to get to the center of your piece of paper, where you want to go, and as you cut towards the middle the wide arc of the scissor blades tightens, and get closer together, and end up cutting a straight line towards the middle of the paper, the intended target.

Expand your energy like a pair of scissors, laser focus on the target, and cut quickly toward your vision. 

Here are 10 Strategies to Break Free from Stuck and Ignite Laser Focus

1. Room for Focus: Effort-Less Focus

Being open to unexpected methods can lead to creative solutions that exceed your initial vision.

  • Discover the significance of being specific yet flexible in your creative vision.
  • Avoid the rigidity of overly strategic thinking, allowing unexpected opportunities to unfold.
  • If you think you are overthinking–you are.
  • Embrace effort-less focus, understanding that creativity is delivered in unique ways that can surpass your expectations. 

2. Marie Kondo Your Life: Making Room for Laser Focus

As you Marie Kondo your life, notice how the act of letting go of physical clutter mirrors your readiness for mental clarity and a focused mindset.

  • Clear out physical clutter to make room for focus in your life.
  • Understand the powerful connection between decluttering your space and signaling to your mindset that you’re ready for positive changes.
  • Explore the concept of adopting a mindset of abundance through simplifying and organizing. 

3. Emotional Declutter: Clearing the Path for Focus

Letting go of outdated emotions and thoughts is like creating a clean slate, allowing for a more focused and positive mental space.

The problem is, most people stay in their dropbox, replaying the stories of why not and what-ifs because of restrictive and stuck energy. Through healing, cleansing, and forgiveness work we can elevate beyond the repetitive thought patterns we’ve been living and become the person we desire to be.

  • Extend decluttering beyond physical spaces to your emotions and thoughts.
  • Identify and release habits and thoughts that no longer serve you.
  • Empower yourself by giving permission for emotional cleansing, paving the way for a clear mindset and enhanced focus.

4. Action Sparks Focus: The Power of Intent

Taking action, even a small one, sends a powerful message to your mindset, creating momentum and paving the way for focused productivity.

  • Initiate progress by taking intentional actions.
  • Understand that signaling your intent to your mindset through action is a potent laser-focus technique.
  • Learn how taking the first step breaks stagnation and sets the stage for achieving your clear vision. 

5. Gratitude Shifts Focus: Acknowledging Small Signs

When you practice the self-awareness technique of gratitude you’ve immediately raised your consciousness and expanded your energy. Like a pair of scissors, you open the arc of the blades up really wide and shift the blade to the right or left and you get a totally different shape.

Choose to shift the slightest bit in another direction and the outcome will reflect a new path.

  • Recognize the power of gratitude in shifting focus.
  • Explore how small actions and signs can lead to significant paradigm shifts.
  • Embrace gratitude for the smallest signs, allowing them to guide you toward a different path and break free from stagnation.
  • Expressing gratitude for small victories creates a positive mindset shift, redirecting your focus toward the opportunities ahead.

6. Positive Mindset: Focus Small Wins

Acknowledge the impact of your daily thoughts, and resolve to shift your focus from being stuck to celebrating the small victories, like making the train on a desperately rainy day without an umbrella—that’s worthy of a prize!

  • This can be as small as finding a parking space in San Francisco or finding a penny on the ground.
  • Shifting your focus to your small wins creates a positive loop, reinforcing a mindset geared towards achievement and focus.

7. Giving to Receive Focus: Elevating Energy

Combat fear-induced analysis paralysis by adopting a giving mindset. Explore the power of donating when feeling stuck to raise your energy.

  • Understand how generosity can shift your perspective and break the cycle of fear.
  • Donating during challenging times not only helps others but also elevates your own vibrations, breaking the fear-induced focus paralysis.
  • Offer to help to a friend, or bringing someone a cup of coffee when they aren’t expecting it.

8. Empowering Language: The Role of Words in Focus

Harness the power of words in elevating your energy, power and focus. Eliminate disempowering phrases and substitute them with proactive language.

Choose words you desire instead of what you want to avoid. For example:

  • “I don’t know how to do this,” but add the three-letter word “yet.”
  • “I don’t know how to do this yet.” (feel the difference?)

Let’s try it on:

  • “I don’t know how to swim yet.”
  • “I don’t know my Clear Vision yet.”
  • “I don’t have a partner yet.”

Give your most vibrant self your full trust, adoration, and a “you’ve got this, sister!” attitude. Flood her with the space to play, practice, and experiment.

Communicate with her as you would a friend because talking with your new BFF–your most vibrant self–is the first step towards being in a relationship with her.

Shifting your language from passive to proactive reinforces a mindset focused on taking charge and achieving your goals.

9. Focus-Boosting Playlist: Music for Productivity

Explore the influence of music on energy and mood.

  • Create a playlist that aligns with your focus needs, filling you with hope, energy, and flat-out fun.
  • Crafting a focus-boosting playlist creates a conducive environment, enhancing your mood and supporting sustained focus.
  • Here is my go-to playlist for Popping Energy on Spotify if you are interested.

10. Embracing Fear: A Learning Tool for Focus

Embracing fear, like not knowing how to do something perfectly, or messing up in a meeting, as a teacher allows you to learn valuable lessons, turning it into a source of how to get better.

  • Shift your approach to fear by viewing it as a teacher rather than a big scary monster trying to keep you hidden from mistakes.
  • Understand that being positive doesn’t mean toxic positivity, but facing fear with a growth mindset.
  • Embrace fear as a motivator and use it to empower yourself on the journey toward your clear vision. 


Share the Focus:

 Listen, it’s not just about reading this post, or this one; it’s about taking action. Try out a couple of these tips and witness the shift in your focus firsthand.

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Featured by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the best new books for entrepreneurs looking to break the mold.
10 Strategies to Break Free from Stuck and Ignite Laser Focus
10 Strategies to Break Free from Stuck and Ignite Laser Focus-3
10 Strategies to Break Free from Stuck and Ignite Laser Focus-3