Why I Started a Podcast: The Backstory

Have you ever found yourself thinking: what the heck am I even doing here? You wake up and realize your mindset has gotten muddy over time. I’ve been there. In fact, I want to tell you a little bit more about my journey so you can understand just how much I’ve stood in those shoes and how it led to me starting a podcast. 


I fondly call myself a recovering perfectionist. For the longest time, I tried to show up and do everything perfectly. I grew up in a small town in Missouri and then went to San Francisco for art school. After graduating, I became a graphic designer and worked with brands like Sephora, The Gap, and Pottery Barn Kids to name a few. Looking back, I realize perfectionism was so deeply intertwined in my career that it was nearly impossible for me to escape. I was paid to create perfect designs: perfect pixels, perfect colors, etc., and that perfection was bleeding into the rest of my life. 


During the economic crash in 2008, I was laid off and decided it was the perfect time to start my own design studio. And like everything else, I wanted it to be perfect — are you sensing a theme yet?! I then got married to a man who had two boys from his previous marriage, and then we had kids and I continued my quest for perfectionism in my personal life and as a mother and stepmom. Looking back it’s obvious that this was not sustainable, but at the time I was making it work. 


2013 is when things first started to change. I was prepping to have a scheduled c-section with my youngest daughter (the perfect “birth plan” for a control freak, ha!) and I started to get an itch by my left eye that I just ignored. I had way too much to juggle and didn’t have time to tend to a “minor itch”. The c-section happened and it went smoothly and my daughter was healthy and incredible… but then something happened that had not been part of my plan.


That “minor itch” turned into my face swelling and in turn, having to quarantine in the hospital separate from my husband and new baby. My face continued to swell and I was being treated by doctors in full hazmat suits who were tirelessly trying to figure out this mysterious ailment. They had no idea what was happening and I had no control. I wasn’t able to take care of my new baby and it was heartbreaking. This experience broke me the first time, yep, I didn’t learn my full lesson quite yet. 


After further tests and investigation, they realized the cause: shingles — an autoimmune disease often triggered by extreme stress. At the time I truly thought my perfectionism was serving me. I didn’t realize that perfectionism was actually causing me to operate an extremely unhealthy level of stress. 


This incident was the beginning of my journey but it wasn’t until a few years later that it all came together for me. After posting in a Facebook group about “ways to find more energy” (I was so burnt out) I connected with a life coach who asked me a very simple question: “how much water are you drinking?” It was such a simple question, but drinking water wasn’t “on my list” and so I had no clue. It was then I realized how much I needed to re-prioritize my life and start taking care of myself. 


Another woman who reached out was a leadership coach, and as she and I spoke more, she explained to me that a lot of the same tools I was using to help brands find meaning in my business, were the same “tools” she used to help people find meaning in their own lives. This made a lightbulb go off in my head and I decided that maybe this was my calling. I signed up for the exact coaching program that helped me and graduated a year later ready to help others with their own personal transformations. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people reignite their connection to their highest self.


I started my podcast, Find Your Clear Vision, to create a community for anyone that wants to set on fire their connection with their highest self and share that with the world. I love working with people who are looking for more creativity and mindset shifts; people who are ready to move from a life by default to a life by design. 


During the podcast, I’ll be sharing conversations with real-life clients who are re-igniting that connection with who they are and what they do. I want to help you see what’s behind the veil — what is going to light you up and put you on that path to that clear vision? Let’s find out!


Be Bright Lisa



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