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Spiritual Energy Prediction for 2022 with Light Worker, Lisa Almquist, Episode 32

This week on the pod we’re covering everything spiritual with energy predictions for 2022.

I’m joined by my personal consciousness guide, Lisa Almquist. We talk about the energetic predictions for 2022, and how to create your vision from how you want to feel: creative, joyful, peaceful, whatever it is – it is your sovereign choice.
Lisa is a quantum clairvoyant, energy healer, intuitive, divine channel, and a friend. She shares why we are at this pivotal moment in time–entering 2022– and why people are choosing to leave jobs and start new careers. Spoiler alert: it’s because we are in a choice moment. 


“There are many people that will still simply choose to stay in their pain story because the familiarity of what they know in that is easier for them to hold onto in this moment than to step into a place of unknown.” Lisa Almquist


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