Personal branding with Masculine and Feminine Energy

Personal Branding with Masculine and Feminine Energy, Episode 17

Personal branding with Masculine and Feminine Energy


Personal branding with Masculine and Feminine Energy: authenticity shines in your personal brand when you’ve done the mindset work to know who you are without the BS of what a personal brand “should look like.” It’s all you because you know who you are inside and out.

Today we are wrapping up our 3-part series about masculine and feminine energy in mindset work and personal branding.

In episode 15 I interviewed personal consciousness guide, Lisa Almquist about what divine feminine energy is and how to connect to it.

In episode 16 I shared distinct differences between masculine and feminine energy and how we can be in union with both sides of ourselves to be an even more powerful version of highest self.

We’ve done the inner mindset work, this week we are going to do the outer work—-How does unified energy show up in your personal brand?

Here are 3 steps to build your personal brand aligned with your masculine and feminine energy (aka: Who you are at your most powerful).

1. Clear all the tricks your mind is playing on you, using the mindset practice from episode 16.

2. Define your clear vision while connected to your highest self—book a $97 introductory session with me. to define your clear vision or join me at a Be Bright Virtual Retreat.

3. Show up.

Building a strategy for your personal is a tailored process I work with my 1-1 clients on, so instead on the podcast, I’m sharing how to frame your personal brand using daily intentions. This is how you can show up, on and offline, with multiple ideas, practices and ideas. Listen up, you don’t want to miss these easy ways to get started showing up authentically on and offline!

Personal branding with Masculine and Feminine Energy


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