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Personal Branding & Energy: Ask Lisa Anything, Episode 18


Today on the pod I answer two questions about creating a personal brand at work and how to create personal energy to put yourself out there that came in from listeners like you! If you have a question you’d like answered on the podcast, shoot it to me on my Get In Touch page. 


Loren asks:

How can you create a personal brand in a work environment? I’m a managing director and have been with my company for years and want to move into a new role. What do you suggest?


Jacquelyn asks:

You talk a lot about the energy it takes to reinvent yourself and put yourself out there, what are some ways I can do that?


Listen to the full episode, but for quick cliff notes I want to share a story about shifting from “wanting more energy” to “trusting yourself”.

My client felt it was risky to trust herself. So she found herself double-checking her work and the work of her team. Over preparing for meetings and feeling haphazard in her day. Time would spiral past her and she noticed by the end of the day she was left feeling lost and unsteady.

We talked about what she meant by risk, and how that made her feel in her body, what signals her body was giving her when she didn’t trust herself. Immediately she knew she felt out of control and a tightness in her chest with an overarching hurry-up clock chasing her from behind.

After some reflection, we turned it around. The double-checking was a symptom of the fear of not trusting herself. And in fact, the fear was keeping her in a loop of her Paradox Pattern (you can learn more about your Paradox Pattern in episode 9): doing the same thing that got her to where she was today, being a powerful managing director, but not being the COO that she was creating. So we looked at the opposite of: what would it look like to trust herself?

I could see her shoulders drop from tension to release. She loosened, flow was entering her body. She was able to open up and connect to a higher level of energy that TRUST provided her.

What actions can you put in place to trust yourself? Because if you fully trust yourself, you will naturally expand your energy. It will save you from the rumination, second-guessing and overthinking that comes with distrust.

My advice is to practice self-trust, which leads to expanded energy. And….bonus! When you expand your energy you can laser focus on your clear vision.


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