Personal Brand Transformation Interview, with Clear Vision U alums

On today’s podcast Beth Fuller, a provisional licensed professional counselor, and Toni LoCasto, a firm administrator at a Chicago-based law firm, share their personal brand transformation stories, and pssst: the outcome is totally unexpected!

What is a personal brand transformation?

Most people think that a personal or professional brand is a polished headshot with a decent LinkedIn profile. Sure, that’s a start, but if you want to stand out in today’s world as a senior executive, and make an impact, it’s necessary to transform the mindset you may be holding around what it means to have a personal brand.


In the last 2 years, personal and professional branding has 100% changed. Personal branding is a mindset. It’s making choices that are aligned with the impact you want to have in the future…which creates a legacy.

Making choices from the future—aka your personal brand transformation–will attract new opportunities, build your target audience, and elevate your expertise. This is exactly what Beth Fuller and Toni LoCasto experienced in the Clear Vision U program. They’re transforming their mindset, building their personal and professional brands, and creating their future visions.

Let’s dive into each of these brilliant women’s stories and how Clear Vision U supported their personal brand transformational journeys.

Beth Fuller’s clear vision story

Beth Fuller is a provisional licensed professional counselor, somatic experiencing practitioner, and mindfulness practitioner, who provides compassionate and creative counseling for women living with stress or burnout. She’s had a major shift in her career path which is what led her to dive head-first into Clear Vision U (which we’ll get into).

Beth received her undergraduate in psychology and wanted to go straight through to get her Ph.D. but decided against the very long program. She did a master’s program in human resources instead. For 20 years she worked hard, traveled a lot, and eventually burnt herself out. She dreamt of going back to school or changing career paths. And a few years later, that’s exactly what she did. She went back to school to become a licensed therapist.

A lot was happening during this time in her life; going through a breakup, moving to another country, and starting a new job. Talk about a MAJOR personal and professional transitional period! But during this time. Fast forward to today, and she’s now starting a private practice that is self-compassion-based, mindfulness-based, and body-based. 

Yes, Beth felt more aligned than ever with this decision, but it was the transition from working in corporate HR to becoming her own leading lady that created limiting beliefs and self-doubt. It was during this time that Beth signed up for my 5-day Inner Platform Masterclass. She was struggling with marketing and figuring out who her ideal audience is, and of course, struggled with the mindset of starting a business. Beth is a lifelong learner, so this space was exactly what she needed — hence why she dove head first into Clear Vision U.

Toni LoCasto’s clear vision story

Toni LoCasto, on the other hand, had hesitations about joining Clear Vision U, because she had never invested in her personal development before, but took the leap at the very last minute.

Toni and I had first met at the Women’s Forum, where I invited her to my free masterclass. At that time, she was, admittedly lost and unhappy. She wasn’t confident anymore, and what she found in the masterclass was an opportunity to find out who Toni is again. She has been a professional for 36 years, is a recent empty nester. My work and approach really inspired Toni, but she was then talked out of joining Clear Vision U. She went home and felt very unaligned with that decision. She went deep and asked, what should I do? What do I WANT to do? It was at that moment that she realized Clear Vision U was what she wanted. She needed community and felt like this community was going to help her launch out of the feeling of being lost. Since joining Clear Vision U, I’ve watched Toni’s massive joy explode in her everyday life, which has been beautiful to witness.

Toni’s biggest struggle was transforming into who she wanted to be, personally and professionally. She didn’t realize that she had limiting beliefs which were fighting who she wanted to be and causing her to act from her ego and emotion.

Doing the Inner Platform work and the thought work benefits not just one area of her life but her EVERYDAY life; personally and professionally.

So now that Toni is knee-deep in mindset work, she’s creating a life she loves. She’s finding her happiness again. Since joining Clear Vision U, Toni has become an ambassador for Love Purse which is a non-profit organization to help women who are in need, fulfilling her desire to promote human welfare and happiness. She’s also on the development committee for the Dupage family shelter. She loves helping others and wants to continue this work but in a bigger way and her future vision is being fully vested in a place where she can make a difference. 

When you have inner trust, you’re a magnet for opportunity. Toni sees it clearly now — she trusts herself. She’s not doing anything because she should, she’s doing it because she wants to.

“What’s the most beneficial thing you have taken away from Clear Vision U?”

Toni is focusing on what she’s creating with her non-profit work, instead of focusing her ego and emotions.

Beth, on the other hand, is appreciative of the extensive information and knowledge being poured into the Cler Vision U program which is helping her navigate entrepreneurship, the marketing world, and her personal brand. Both women are holding space for what’s to come, while joyously learning from one another.

What I love about Toni and Beth’s stories is that they pull together the two ways I approach this type of work: personal mindset work and professional expression of it.

I hope that their stories inspire you to take a step toward discovering your personal brand transformation. Join me in Clear Vision U, and we together will get you there.

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