paradox pattern

Your Paradox Pattern’s Roots, Episode 9

Let’s identify your “spider”, the core limiting belief that we hold as the reason why we can’t be successful, the false theory that hinders our potential as a heart-centered professional woman. Today Lisa shares the Paradox Pattern’s Roots and the stronghold they have on professional women, especially mothers.


Today Lisa deep dives into…

– what your spider is

– how to recognize your paradox pattern (the web the spider weaves)

– how to choose outside of that false storyline


Women, be aware of the paradox pattern before it becomes imbed into you are, especially NOW as you arise from the pandemic. Break your paradox pattern and take control of who you are being using boundaries, intrinsic values, and the precious word “NO” that will save you from doing it all.


We don’t have to be it all—that’s a false narrative. We don’t have to run ourselves to the ground to prove anything.


According to “The State of Motherhood” survey of 11,000 mothers in 2021: 92% of mothers feel society doesn’t do a good job of understanding or supporting motherhood. (


During the pandemic Female workforce dropped 57%—the lowest level since 1988, according to the National Women’s Law Center (



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