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4 Ways to Embody a Positive Money Mindset: Interview with Barbara Best, Episode 19

Money Mindset with Barbara best

Today on Find Your Clear Vision, Barbara Best shares four mindset shifts to create a positive money mindset and how she and her co-founder created a thriving professional women’s community.

Barbara is a former client and was part of my Be Bright Mastermind in 2020. Her inner light shines bright and expresses through her passion for community building, particularly supporting and empowering women to lead holistically successful and fulfilling lives, which includes building a positive money mindset.

Besides Barbara’s obvious expertise in the financial world, as co-founder of CAP STRAT a financial advisory firm, she is a luminary leader. Her passion for community building and a personal touch to every interaction makes her spirit shine in a big way, as well as small ways through one-on-one relationships with her clients, her partner, and daughter. She is what it means to be in integrity with her personal and professional leadership. I’ve been honored to be a part of her journey as her coach.

Here are the top 4 positive money mindset shifts, which are easy to practice if you keep self-awarenesses top of mind when it comes to money, spending, saving, and investing.

Money Mindset with Barbara best


“Women need to have an investor mindset, not just a saver mindset. We save really well, but we keep too much money in cash. Research shows women don’t have confidence as an investor, and we feel like we need to learn more. You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to be engaged.” Barbara Best


4 Mindset Shifts to Embody a Positive Money Mindset

1. Reframe your money mindset from Victim of circumstance to Victor of your life

Practice journaling how you make decisions, are you coming from your Highest Self or your Paradox Pattern?

2. Focus on what you can control to avoid wasting emotional energy

Practice protecting your energy by avoiding rumination. Instead move forward by asking: “What’s missing? What’s the next action I can take today?”

3. Cultivate optimism: being optimistic is essential to being financially resilient

Practice finding patterns in your life that create optimism (like gratitude and acknowledgment of others), and follow them.

4. Pause before you buy

Practice building self-awareness. Ask yourself if you are being intentional or impulsive: “Is this decision helping or hurting me?”


Money Mindset with Barbara best

Bright Bonus!

Listen until the end because Barbara offers you the opportunity to talk with her about your financial dreams and goals to create an abundant money mindset. I encourage you to connect with her because it’s important to ground in your future vision versus putting your head in the sand when it comes to planning your financial goals.

You can connect with Barbara on LinkedIn, and let her know that you found her on the Find Your Clear Vision podcast.


Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Money Mindset Series are summarized in an easy-to-use guide.

Download your Money Mindset Guide.

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