Mindset Work: How to Unify Masculine and Feminine Energy, Episode 16

What's the difference between masculine and feminine energy?

What’s the difference between masculine and feminine energy? And how can you practice balancing the two?

Here’s why this podcast episode is important to listen too: when your masculine and feminine energy are unified and working together you can:

  • stand in your own power
  • make decisions aligned with your clear vision
  • confidently share with others
  • easily translate who you are into a personal brand with impact

Let’s define masculine and feminine energy:

What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy thrives in logical, rational decision-making. It wants to produce, not from a creative place, but instead from a “let’s get it done” mindset.

Masculine energy has us high on caffeine making snap decisions based on rational thinking, often being judgmental of ourselves and others, “Only my logic is logical!” It has us being right and them being wrong, whoever they are. We are armed with complexity and competition having to do it all ourselves to feel steady, secure and safe, because, well…self-preservation, survival of the fittest mentality, which has served mankind for centuries, but. It’s lonely energy masked in complex structure of righteousness and tunnel vision.

Cultural norms of what it means to be a man has women working to be little men, working harder, better, faster, and stronger. It has women believing we have to “do it all” on our own because asking for help is a sign of weakness, which is stereotypically deemed a negative feminine trait.

Masculine energy creates a paradoxical pattern of productivity with the illusion that happiness is on the other side of working harder.

There are benefits of masculine energy too. It provides structure, planning and the steadiness needed to live in our modern society. It has tunnel vision that creates massive focus and drive. Curbing the quickness of masculine energy and the familiarity of “this is how we do it” opens space for possibility. Just because a cultural quality of “stronger is better” is alive and kicking doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s a thought, that we hold as true, and this is the paradox: Professional women have to embody masculine energy to survive and thrive in modern corporate America to prove we can “do it all” to “have it all”.

What is Feminine Energy?

What's the difference between masculine and feminine energy?

Feminine energy flourishes in freedom, flow and creative exploration. It relishes in non-linear realities of love, joy, and beauty.

Feminine energy holds the possibilities for vision and is open to receiving inspiration from new sources. When nurtured by feminine energy we have space to explore, to dabble and create without a deadline. It can putter around old ideas and weave in new ones. What may look like child play, is the creative process, it’s explorative, open, playful and dare I say, fun.

The Inner Platform is led by feminine intuition, an inner wise woman who knows and loves unconditionally. It’s expansive, open and connected to higher consciousness from a place of love and compassion.

Feminine energy is never-ending sourced by personal energy. It’s naturally creative.

When you are too busy thinking, planning and trying to do it all on your own, your feminine energy simply waits behind the scenes, ready for you to see it and be open to it’s knowing.

Feminine energy asks: “If you are not experiencing something in joy, why are you doing it?Lisa Almquist

Now that you know the differences between the two, listen to this week’s podcast to learn how to make decisions that are from a place of union between your masculine and feminine energy.



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