intuitive decisions

How to make intuitive decisions quickly, Episode 7

If you are in leadership or a business owner, making intuitive decisions quickly is pivotal to your success. Period.

On the Find Your Clear Vision Podcast I share three mindset shifts to make quicker decisions–intuitively.

  1. Have a clear intention in everything

  2. Get creative to create more possibilities

  3. Practice making intuitive decisions faster with smaller decisions

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Number 1: Have a clear intention in everything

Leaders and business owners with a clear vision make decisions quickly, you know what you are a yes for and what you are a no for because you’ve done the inner work to know.

And we know the opposite is true: when business owners and leaders do not make intuitive decisions businesses fail and leaders are fired.

It is pivotal to create a clear vision statement. Then work with a business coach or consultant, find a trusted strategic partner that is high vibe just like you.


Number 2: Get creative by creating space for possibilities and idea generation

The way to get stuck and not move forward in your business is to make decisions based on what worked in the past, repeating the same old patterns, which is antiquated and will not help you stand out in the new world.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

So, how can you create more time to have more creative ideas?

Create white space in your day. White space is a design element where the designer purposefully adds a blank space for your eyes to rest on, or to make you pause on a specific area of the design.

You need white space on your calendar for ideas to roll around in your head, to dive deep into the crevices of creativity, and pop up again in a different form.

It could be it’s an hour or two, or maybe it’s just 15 minutes. But successful leaders create time to listen to, and explore their ideas, so they multiply and grow.


Number 3: Start to practice making decisions faster with smaller decisions

Set a bedtime, I know, doesn’t sound fun to set a bedtime, it sounds like something a 40-year-old would say, but it’s been phenomenal in my book writing process.

  • Set boundaries: say no to things that are not in alignment with your intention, Sounds counter-intuitive, “say no to have more yeses”
  • Communicate: tell your co-workers, your friends, and family what you are creating and ask them for their support
  • Be wary of being a perfectionist

Do yourself a favor and take control of your time, creativity and vibrational energy by practicing making fast decisions. If you are in leadership or a business owner making decisions quickly is pivotal to your success.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein