Why You Haven’t Launched Your Personal Brand Already? Live Workshop with Lisa, Episode 58

I love personal and professional branding and how it shows up from both the mindset perspective and in the real world, because that’s the secret sauce! How we show up with the energy we want and how that translates into visuals. It’s time to launch your personal brand. Let’s get into it.

By the end of today’s workshop, you’re going to know:

  • The mindset of why you haven’t launched your personal or professional brand
  • The first step to take to launch your personal brand and put yourself out there in a bigger way
  • The 6 design elements you need to launch your personal brand, and in fact, you already have 1 of them completed

Once you take a look at what’s holding you back, it’ll no longer keep you stuck. You’ll be able to call it out and move forward without perfectionism when it comes to showing up with your personal and professional brand. Each and every one of you has a voice to share, and who you are in the world is so much more important than the reasons why you’re not doing it.

Today I’m sharing 1 aspect of what it means to build your whole brand, and that is the visual aspect of it.

It’s really much more simple than you think to create the VISUALS for your personal and professional brand. Now let’s start to launch your personal brand!


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Lisa Guillot, PCC, is a certified transformational mindset coach and personal branding expert. She coaches entrepreneurs and professionals to bring more creativity and agency to their life and career. Lisa blends creativity, design thinking, and neuroscience to unlock what’s next for her clients and build their personal and professional brands. You can find Be Bright Lisa here and in her Clear Vision U.


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