Launch your Big Idea Using the Clear Vision Framework, Episode 26

Join me for this 5-part series to create Your Brightest Year using my Clear Vision Framework. This is the exact framework I take my clients through to reinvent their personal and professional lives and learn how to take their clear vision from concept to launch.

Part 4: LAUNCH. Now that you’ve carved out your creative path and got rid of what habits and rituals no longer serves you, you’re ready to create a launch plan. In this episode, I’ll share how to set real deadlines, and the 3 things you can control when it comes to your mindset and taking action.



Download your free guide to create your bright year ever with the insights, research, journaling questions and 5-Levels to Launch worksheet that I take you through in this episode. My clients use this worksheet religiously as they are launching anything in their personal or professional lives.


So this, my friends, is part four in our five part series about creating your brightest year. This is the exact Framework that I take My VIP clients through to reinvent Their personal Or professional life and learn how to take an idea from A concept into Reality. So before we dive in, let’s just take a moment to center our intention and give yourself this hour Half an Hour, however long I end up chatting with you today to Create, To think, to envision your life, your career and well-being, or that project that you want to create that you have been waiting on the right moment to come around.

Well, guess what? This is The moment. This is the time where we are going to get Detailed And granular. You are here to grow, expand to give and love and contribute. This is your gift. And you already have the power within you to do so. And now let’s access that energy

To get ready to launch. So wiggle out any energy That’s not going To serve you during our time together. I just like wiggled my shoulders. That’s my favorite release of energy. Shake out your hands, your arms, anything that’s no longer serving you, even if you’re in the car driving.

Or maybe you’re Walking the dog, just shake off anything that no longer serves you so

We can get Centered on ready. The number one thing that gets in the way of you launching your big idea. What do you think it is? All right, hands up if you have had a project or a goal or a big intention and you started it but never finished it. My hands up to notice what stopped you. Was it procrastination? Just plain forgetting that you even started this project?

Or maybe you Got busy or you talked yourself out of it because you got fearful? Maybe the idea was way too Big and then you’re like, Oh, I can’t do that. Who am I, right?

Who sneaky little imposter syndrome pop up? Maybe. Well, my flavor of not completing my big ideas is this I set Really ambitious goals.

I mean, big, huge ones. Then I get afraid of what I set out to create. So in the past, what I would do is I would lower the bar, I would lower the bar, or I’d move it to the left or the right. Think of something else to do. Add in something

New which basically Self sabotage the whole thing.

Do you see How that could happen? You set a goal and then you’re like, No, no, that’s not the one I want anymore. Actually, it’s way over here or it’s way over there, and you just brings in this feeling of fuzziness

And You don’t actually complete what you set Out to do. And I’ve got An idea For you.

Hold on till the end. I’m going to share that with you. All right, one more place to take a look. Do you meet your deadlines at work or when a client is involved? My guess is that you do So notice how it’s Super funny that we oftentimes Fall short when it comes

To planning or creating ideas in our own lives. But when it comes to a deadline at work or with a client, absolutely. You know what? This even comes into play

With me and my kids, so I take my Kids to taekwondo lessons twice a Week and without Fail. We’re not going to miss that taekwondo class Like we are in the car. We’ve got on our uniforms and we’re going and by we I mean them. But I’m the leader of this year

Outfit, so They do not miss a class. Funny thing. When it comes to

Me getting to the gym, I’m like, Well, you know what? Maybe I’ll just go tomorrow Or  Don’t know. I’m not feeling my best Today, right?

I just come up with ideas on why not to go to the gym? But when it comes to my kids, I’m like, No, no, we’re going. So notice if you do that for yourself. So here’s a reason why.

Number one, we don’t get paid to create our Own personal Projects. We don’t Get raises. We don’t get

Praised because I went to the gym. Right? Uh-huh. But in order to move the needle forward in your life, your leadership, your business, your

Career, you need to make that commitment. Here’s the catch you

As a person who creates and meets your own goals. You are creating the leadership qualities And managing the world’s Toughest critic in like the land, and guess who that toughest critic is? It’s you. It’s totally you.

All right. Be the person who meets your own goals. Stop arguing with yourself about it. And here’s the number one

Reason People fail At launching Their big ideas or Goals. And I’ve said this time and time again, your future self cannot be trusted, right? In the future, we try to control

Everything, we control the Outcome or the circumstances, and then a pandemic hits or you lose confidence or it’s raining outside, right? We can come up with all the excuses, but trying to

Control all of it is going to leave You exhausted and tired and burnt out, and no wonder why you don’t want to take on that big project.

All right, here are three things That you can actually control. So all you control freaks out there. Get a pen and write these down. All right, number one. Focus, you can control your focus in the

Last episode in the Habit Building. We talked about Segment Intending. So the Idea here is that if you focus your Attention on Intention,

Whatever you Focus on, you will feel and you will create meaning around. So if you focus on being unfocused, Guess what you’re creating? Yep, you’re creating

A fuzzy, blurry vision Of what you actually want to create. So in order to focus, we need to do two things. One is you need to expand

Your personal energy to be with more. And when you expand your personal

Energy, then you can Narrow down and laser focus on one Thing at a time.

One thing at a time. Second thing, you can control language. I’m a big believer in ask

And you shall receive. This goes for the very Same idea as worry, and you shall receive

Bitch about something and you shall receive. You, my friend, have total authority over what you say is possible or not possible in your future. Watch your language,

Watch the words you are telling yourself in your head. So here’s an easy language shift that you can take on. So, for example, a lot of clients come to me because they want to create content for social media, for

Example, but they say, Well, I don’t know how to create content for social media. Notice the language you’re using. I don’t know how to create content for social media yet. Just add those three little letters at the end.

Yet I don’t Know how to Dance to Zumba yet. I don’t know how to do taekwondo yet.

It opens up the possibility that you can learn how to do taekwondo in the future, That you can learn how to launch your big idea In the future. It’s coming. It is coming. So notice your language, ask and you shall receive. The third thing that you can actually control

Is your action. Now there’s a favorite book of mine. It’s a coaching book. It’s pretty heavy content and it’s called I think it’s called the power of Reinvention.

And in the book, Tracy Goss describes the definition of personal power is to declare something possible and make it happen. So energy

Is power. Personal power is to declare something possible, say it out loud and make it happen. Get into action now. I’m not talking about

Like a big Action, like starting

A not for profit tomorrow. I’m talking about

Priming your mind, body and soul and energy to meet the level of focus you want, Because if you’re not in alignment,This is the very first Place to take a look.

In the last episode, we talked about habits for your mind, body and soul. And this is the number one Differentiator In high level leaders is they have got that on lockdown. All right. You can actually control your actions now. Many clients come to me because before they launch, they want competence, they want the confidence that this is going to turn out that this is all going to work out. Now here’s

The thing we don’t actually get Confidence until after we do the thing. What you need in advance Are these two items. Courage and commitment. You need to be committed to what you are going to

Launch, what you are going to Create your clear vision and the courage To do it, the Courage is just a Habit that’s

Needed right before you do the hard thing. Ok. So with those ideas in mind, we’re going to take a look at this worksheet that is in

The clear vision Guide that you can download for yourself right now.And it is at be bright Lisa forward slash clear vision. Twenty twenty two. So in this guide, you are going to find the research And insights And questions and journaling prompts and this worksheet the five levels to launch in a handy dandy little downloadable PDF guide that you can use To create your Clear vision For twenty twenty two or heck, any year, any time.

Ok, so I actually have a printout of this worksheet right in front of me, and I’m going to walk you through These different Areas On the worksheet, and you can Take these five levels to Launch and apply it to any Project, any idea you’re working On.

I know right now we’re focusing on your brightest year because it’s November twenty twenty one and it’s a beautiful time to start envisioning how you want to enter into twenty twenty two. But I actually use this worksheet the five levels to launch worksheet with clients who want to launch something in their personal wellbeing or small side project or something in their career, or a podcast or a book, et cetera. You can apply this idea to any project that you’re working on. Ok, so at the very top of this

Worksheet, we have

Got two boxes. One is for your vision,

And the second is for why

This is important. And we’ve already worked through these

Ideas in the episode about

Creating your clear vision, I think that was episode twenty four. So your vision, it’s the big concept. This is your world peace moment, right? My most recent vision is to be a light for myself and others.

So in this space, this is where you would

Jot down where your attention needs to

Go. This is your intention. This is your clear.

Future vision can be one or two words. It doesn’t have to be an entire novel. We just want to capture the idea. Capture the concept. All right. Second part important,

Why is this important, right? This is the so what

And who cares part? Think about what is completing this

Idea or this goal

Going to give you what is the most important thing

That will

Be because of this thing. When I work with my clients on the clear vision framework in a longer space, not in just a quick, you know, twenty five, thirty minute moment like we’re doing right now,

We deep

Dive into why this is important, because when things get hard, you can toss it out. You’re going to have to go to the grocery store, you’re going to have to work on some other project. It’s going to rain, right? Circumstance, circumstance, circumstance. But knowing why your clear vision is important

Is going to anchor you in actually


Forward, especially when the

Going gets tough. Ok.

Next part on this worksheet, it

Says, What do you want? Now I imagine

You guys have seen

This meme of Ryan Gosling from The Notebook

When he’s looking at, I’m forgetting

Her name in front of her and he says, What do you want? What do you want? What do you want to see repeats?

Ok, what do you want?

This is your result. You need to declare the result, right? Use your

Language and declare

The result you want and that

You intend to create.

Ok. So for example, I’m making this up on the

Fly, but my most

Recent vision, as I said, is to be a light for myself and others. And in order to do that, what I want

Is I need to

Embody being a bright light. I can’t help other people shine their light if I cannot shine mine. So that is what I want is for me to shine bright first. That’s probably the very first step. Now the next part is the deliverable. This is the tangible, grounded thing that happens in reality. This is the thing that you are going to create the deliverable. So maybe for you, this is, for example, a new position. So if you want a new job, the deliverable could very well be a resume. A list of people to contact

And update LinkedIn. Ok. If you

Want to start a podcast, for example, then a deliverable would be three full episodes on

Itunes and you ask

Your five family members to write you a review. And that might have been how I started my podcast. Ok. If you want to start a new business, the deliverable, maybe your very first client, or maybe it’s throwing up a Google my business page or a website tangible moment. So a deliverable, for example,


My clear vision to be a light for myself and others. Now notice that’s kind of a it’s fuzzy. It would probably be very different for you if your intention was to be a bright light for

Others versus for me.

So a deliverable for me would be five to 10 minutes of meditation, five days a week. I know that puts me in the mindset of what I want, so it’s going to look different for you for this deliverable moment. Ok, now on the worksheet, we have hit the four

Larger topic

Areas to capture the idea of what you want to launch. And I want to pause us here for a moment, and here’s why.

Take a look at your vision

And why it’s important and what

Do you want? And ask yourself, how

Committed are you to actually taking action like on a scale of one to 10 10 being that Hallelujah moment? Oh yes, this is it. I am so committed to this. Yes. Yes, yes. That’s 10. If you

Are anywhere

Seven and below. You need to start over. It’s not that important to you.

You don’t really want it, OK?

You need to be so committed to this idea. You feel in your bones. I work with people who are highly, highly committed to their vision and what they want to create.

And sometimes they come to me

And we don’t even know what that vision is

Yet. But we do

Know that there is something bigger out there for them than what they are currently doing.

Now, if you thought,

Ok, you know what?

I’m kind of like a six

Actually on this scale of one to 10, think about what is in

The way of you being fully committed.

What’s in the way of you being fully committed to this vision and why? It’s important

Because these things that are going

To get in the way are what stops you. It stops you from your goals. It stops you from launching. Now last question to ask yourself before we move into the next piece is if you were a six, for example, and you’re like, You know what?

It’s it’s not that important to actually.

There’s so many other things I could be doing with my time or this job is not so bad. This relationship’s OK. I don’t actually mind, you know, not making a lot of money right now. I’m just making stuff up. But what is the

Cost of you staying at that

Level of energy? Basically half assing it? What’s the cost of you staying there?

And just be honest with

Yourself, you might not be committed to this vision. It might just be a nice to have cool, you know it. Wouldn’t it be cool if, yeah, kind of.

Just notice it because this

Is going to so play right into the energy that you bring into the project. Ok.

All right.

Now we look at the middle part of

This worksheet is

Says five levels to launch plus

Allotted time.

All right, now, this is where things get wonky. This is

Why we have only got

Five levels. We don’t have 10 or 15 or 20. Yeah, sure.

There’s probably one hundred steps between you where you are today and your big idea and vision realized.

But we’re just capturing the moment. So I have only got five steps, and here’s the easiest way to fill out this section. Step number one is today step number one is filling out this worksheet. Boom, you’re done right. Nice. You can celebrate. You got step one done. Step number five would be when your project is complete, when your big vision is realised or when you’ve gotten your deliverable done. So, for example, if you’re looking for a new job and you’re deliverable was

To post your updated

Resume on LinkedIn. That’s number five. Boom done

Right? We do know that ultimately your goal

And your intention is to get a new

Job. But there’s going to be

A lot of steps in between that. And sometimes we just need the smaller win, and the small win could very well

Be getting your resume

Updated on LinkedIn.

So we don’t want

To bite off more than we can chew. I know when I set super, really high big

Goals and

I’m like, Oh, I can’t complete that today. Of course I can’t.

Then I get

Super wonky with my timing, and I start to move my high bar all over the place. So check in with

Yourself and notice

That I’m going to use this example again. If your

Deliverable is to get your resume

Posted on LinkedIn,

Even though

We know what you really want is to get a job. Your steps one through five your five levels to

Launch may

Just be getting you through to that resume.

And then next week you can do

This same

Practice and you create your

Five steps to

Get you through next week,

Which may be contact three people whose companies I’m interested in learning more about. Step one Find their phone number.

Step two Call them Step

Three Have a conversation with them. Step four Follow up with some intriguing ideas. Step five Find three more people to contact next week. So that is more of that

Micro planning,

Like we talked about last week in building your habits and

Rituals, micro planning versus macro


Massive planning,

Use these five levels to launch in the most effective way possible for you. And remember, we’re just looking for progress, not perfection. Okay. Now, at the very bottom of this worksheet, we’ve got two spaces, one for distractions and the next one for delegations. Ok, you’ve got to write down what’s going to distract you. There is a laundry list of things that can get in my way. Right. But we know that you are here because you are here to grow, expand. Give love and contribute. We need to write down all the things that are going to get in our way. Maybe it’s that idea of like, well, you know what? Who am I? Who am I to create this big idea? I’m just

X-y-z notice you’re

Arguing with yourself in your head. Or a distraction

For me would be,


You know what?

It’s really, really cold outside, so I’m not going to go out for a walk.

Weather is a

Distraction for me, as you can see right now, what you’re distracted by. So we know we’re just putting it out there and we

Know we can go back

And focus our intention on why this is important. You see

That the final

Box on this worksheet is to


You don’t need to do all of this

Stuff on your own.

What can you delegate? Maybe you need to share your vision with

Friends or mentors.

Maybe you need to get into a supportive community. Maybe you need to hire a coach for the accountability and for

Just the constant

Mindset shifts. Maybe you need to book a one on one session with me. You are more than welcome to do that. Maybe you need to delegate smaller things around the house. So you can help free up time to create what you really want. And you, my friend, do not need

To do

Everything. We need to get support to go to the next level. All right. So as I mentioned, when I work on this with my clients, we will use this worksheet to break down massive macro and micro goals. We can use this to break it down into monthly goals, weekly goals or even a daily goal. And getting it out of your head and onto paper is a great way to

Envision this

Clear framework on a daily basis and put a little checkmark

Next to it.

It gives me so much joy, and I know it’s going to give you joy too. Ok? I have a client who owns a cannabis company, and he’s also a personal development coach, and he created his annual

Annual social media marketing calendar, which is

Based on who he is and his essence. And I said, How long did that take you? And he said it took me one football game.

Ok, so notice, right? He knew what he

Wanted to

Do. Create his annual

Social media calendar. Big, massive goal. Just he broke it down into 12 months. And then each month he added

A theme

And boom. That was

All he needed to do at that

Moment. That was his deliverable, and it took him one

Football game, which, if

You don’t know, that’s about,

I don’t know, two and a half hours.

You can do it at the same time as watching football. Hey, it’s a win win. All right. And if you remember at the beginning of the episode,

I talked about commitment. I’m going to touch on this a lot

In our next episode. But listen, if one of the circumstances that pops up for you is that you’re like, Oh my gosh, Lisa, this all sounds super amazing, but I am scattered. I have so many ideas. I want to do this and I

Want to do that.

I just don’t know what to focus on. Ok, here’s the answer. And it’s not groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination. I want you to stick to one idea for a certain period of time. One idea I want you to put all your other ideas into a parking lot list or what I call like. You’re not for now, list. I actually have a not for now list or a save for later ideas list. Save them for later. I want to encourage you to commit to one idea for a period of time. Maybe it’s for 90 days. Maybe it’s only for 30 days.

Maybe it’s for one week, right?

Micro, macro and massive goals can be completed

One day at a time.

Ask for support and just keep moving forward. Write progress over perfection. And, my friend, don’t forget that you can download the Clear Vision Framework Guide.




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