Investing in You is an Investment in Your Business. Interview with Stephanie Posey, Clear Vision U Member, Episode 54

Investing in You is an Investment in Your Business – Interview with Stephanie Posey, Clear Vision U Member, Episode 54

Stephanie is a solo attorney in Chicagoland, and today she shares how she prioritizes her time and money by investing in herself. I asked her about her experience in Clear Vision U and she surprised me by saying that Clear Vision U is helping her elevate her business and how she works with her clients from a mindful perspective because Clear Vision U is a self-care investment and business investment.

Because of what Stephanie is learning in Clear Vision U, she is reframing how she does business organically by being intentional with her business decisions and making sure all decisions align with her overall business vision.

Stephanie is a lawyer and founder of Posey Law Group LLC based in Lagrange IL, a mom, and a lover of community.

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