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Total Reinvention Interview with Jody LaVoie, Episode 23

Join me for the first in a 5-part podcast series called Your Brightest Year as we look at how Jody’s personal and professional reinvention came to life to build her coaching practice, start dating again, and truly connect to what brings her joy.

Jody LaVoie joined my 2020 live workshop series before she became a full-time client. During the workshop series, she decided it was time to step into who she is fully meant to become, and reinvented what life was going to be for herself, her career, family and romantic relationships.

Jody is a widow and a two-time breast cancer survivor. In July 2014, the unthinkable happened when her husband was shot at work by an employee. Jody stepped in and led ArrowStream on a path to sustainable profitability culminating in the sale of ArrowStream to a private equity firm in 2017.

Because of her husband’s death, and her diagnosis of breast cancer she often felt she wasn’t able to look more than 1-2 years ahead to plan her future. After joining the live workshop and working with me 1-1 Jody said,

“I really came to this place of being able to see in the future. It was opening, freeing and empowering for me, because of course, I can create my future!”

You can connect with Jody LaVoie on her coaching website, or on LinkedIn or Instagram.


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