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How to Become a Thought Leader, Episode 59

It’s important to go within so that you can show up from a place of service as it relates to your leadership. It is so important to have the mindset AND the thought leadership in alignment. By the end of this quick pop-up workshop, which was recorded from a live workshop I hosted, you’re going to learn how to become a thought leader.

Key takeaways from this episode on learning how to become a thought leader:

  • What it actually means to be a thought leader
  • What may be holding you back from showing up in your thought leadership
  • 4 steps to take starting today that are going to build your thought leadership

I want to share this training with you because thought leadership + mindset is needed out there in the world. Sometimes it’s scary to put ourselves out there… I totally get it. But it is in the work that really matters.

As we move through today’s podcast, notice your mindset. Where may you be getting caught up with “well I can’t do that”, “that’s a little too much over-sharing for me”. Because once we narrow down the steps of what it means to become a thought leader, it’s really much more simple than you think to show up as your most vibrant self. Sometimes you just need someone like me to give you permission and hold you accountable.


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Lisa Guillot, PCC, is a certified transformational mindset coach and personal branding expert. She coaches entrepreneurs and professionals to bring more creativity and agency to their life and career. Lisa blends creativity, design thinking, and neuroscience to unlock what’s next for her clients and build their personal and professional brands. You can find Be Bright Lisa here and in her Clear Vision U.



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