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3 ways to show up with a growth mindset post-pandemic: Episode 4

Today on the podcast, Lisa is sharing three ways to show up with a growth mindset post-pandemic.

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Author, psychologist, and professor at the Wharton School of Business, Adam Grant, wrote an article for the New York Times about the feeling in between flourishing and being depressed is something called languishing. It’s the middle ground where you feel blah, bored, and listless.

In his words, it’s “a sense of stagnation and emptiness, feelings like your muddling through your days looking at life through a foggy windshield.”

It’s important to notice where you are on the scale because…unless you are committed to creating a future for yourself, you are led by your feelings. Feeling blah? You do blah things like, in Lisa’s case, stay on the couch and watch Vampire Diaries.

Take responsibility for how you want to feel because coming from a place of languishing will distract you from your creativity, personal growth, intentions and leadership. When you are not in flow with your magnetic leadership, you are attracting more blah because you are enmeshed into the blah.

How do you want to emerge from the pandemic and feel the way you want to feel? Adopt a growth mindset.


3 simple strategies to emerge from the pandemic and feel the way you want to feel using  a growth mindset

1. Affirm why you are here

Lisa uses the first step in her Clear Vision Framework: “Define a Clear Concept” as an easy way to pick a singular goal for the next few months. A big clear concept for Lisa in her business is to be a light for herself and others to shine.

A personal clear concept is to make more friends locally.

The second part of a clear concept is to define why this is important.

For Lisa’s big clear concept the reason why it’s important is that it’s time for us to stop dimming our light.

And her small personal clear concept is important because she wants to feel connected and has more fun.

Create an affirming clear concept statement:

I am here to __________ and this is important because________..


2. Be in flow

What tasks and activities allow you to just be present? What makes time, and “doing it right” melt away? Spend time there every day to minimize languish and to move up the scale towards flourishing.

What hobby, or interesting project, lights you up? Flow gives your brain the space to dream, refresh, release, get lost, and necessary for creativity and you can create it on purpose using a growth mindset.

If you want to find your flow professionally, read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.


3. Redefine your Routine on Purpose

With the pandemic winding down in the US, now is the time to start defining what a post-pandemic routine looks like.

Important because personal and professional leadership is about how you lead yourself through tough times by creating the life you want, by design.

Book time in your calendar for the habits and rituals you want to carry forward that is working for you because you won’t do it otherwise–book it as a recurring meeting right now.

If you are curious how Lisa’s client creates a life that is fulfilling, it’s because they spend time to create it, engage with themselves and their growth mindset on purpose with purpose, and now you have three tools to do just that.


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