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How to get out of a career rut and into possibility: Interview with Stephanie Posey, Episode 5

Join Lisa and Stephanie as they talk about her journey in Lisa’s group coaching program, recently renamed, Clear Vision U. In January 2020 Stephanie joined the program when she was in a career rut, no longer inspired and not knowing what the “Ah-ha!” moment was. Now she’s noticing and creating moments of joy by carving out time for herself. Ironically, she said that creating more “me time” has created more joy in her family life, her business as a lawyer, and for herself. Career rut be gone!



Stephanie Posey is a bright light, not only was she a member of the Be Bright Mastermind, she’s someone who is growing both internally into who she is meant to be in this world and externally in her business as a collaborative attorney with an entrepreneurial spirit. Stephanie is a lawyer and founder of Posey Law Group LLC based in Lagrange IL, a mom, and a lover of community.  Joy and creativity are unusual in the legal profession.  There is a lot of paperwork, intimidating language and weird local rules.  Stephanie humanizes the rules and regulations for her clients while providing comfort and guidance through life’s big transitions like buying or selling a home, launching a new business or putting together a family estate plan.  She wants her clients to feel confident, calm and excited about the process they are going through, and have fun doing it too! 

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