get motivated this fall

How to get motivated this fall, Episode 14

Summer has been slow and relaxing for many of us. I make it a priority to take off 2 weeks in August before my kids’ school starts, and that means I need a structured way to get back into the swing of things before fall shows up with its chilly wind-swept hair and pumpkin-flavoured ingredients.

Intentional time off, and the motivation time afterward, are important because you–as an intentional woman–are your biggest asset. Make yourself a priority with purpose, because that’s how you’ll be able to create your future on purpose.

Today on the pod I’m sharing how to get motivated this fall by

  1. Recharging your energy by using your body

  2. Focussing on a plan with purpose

  3. Knowing that your mindset is a daily choice

The down and dirty:

RECHARGE using your body

  • Move your body more—it wants water, blood flow and energy

FOCUS with a plan

  • Write down your to-dos using a structure so you don’t waste your brain space with all of your to-dos

MINDSET is a choice

  • overwhelm, burnout, laziness, get over yourself! And do the thing anyways


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