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Find Your Personal Style Aesthetic with Personal Stylist, Suze Solari, Episode 45

Join Lisa and personal stylist, Suze Solari, as they talk about the correlation between how you dress and your overall success and mindset. Paying attention to how you dress and style yourself (think color, texture, and tone) can uplift your energy, increase your professional presence, and help you reach your goals quicker. Suze is an expert at finding your personal style aesthetic.

Suze also shares tips to stay on trend with style without breaking the bank (it’s all about accessories and the power of 3!)

The Style LAB with Suze helps professional women gain confidence so they can grow their careers and achieve their goals. Through her private work, and Membership community, Suze focuses on removing the overwhelm of what to wear for events, presentations, photoshoots, both virtual and live. Her clients learn to retain versatile clothes that light them up and create go-to outfits, to look and feel amazing, so they always show up on the brand. She’s the author of 5 style handbooks, and lives in Oak Park IL, with her teenage twin boys and husband.

To learn more about her programs and attend her private FB group, free weekly LIVE style lessons, visit her site.

Join Suze’s upcoming workshop: How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe, in the first week of April 2022.

Download Suze’s Top 3 Tips to Crush your Virtual Calls.




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