difference between therapy and coaching

Difference between Therapy and Coaching, Episode 11

In my interview with Lauren Michelle Jackson, LCPC, CDVP, we talk about the difference between therapy and life coaching and when you should hire one professional service or the other.

This will be a game-changer if you are looking for support in your personal or professional life.

Lauren is the founder of Cultivate your Essence, which is a counseling and coaching practice based out of Chicago. Lauren loves helping people become the best version of themselves which has served her well as a  licensed clinical professional counselor, a Domestic Violence Professional Speaker, women’s advocate and life coach.

Difference between Therapy and Coaching

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We deep dive into the ICF’s definition of coaching and talk about the necessity for professionals who are dealing with people’s mental and emotional health to stay in their lane because it’s our responsibility to recommend therapy or coaching to our clients.


Lauren shares new trends that are emerging in therapy and coaching, as people are:

  • no longer stigmatizing therapy
  • taking inventory of how to thrive in life
  • educating themselves in self-care and worthiness
  • prioritizing themselves after 40 and asking for support
  • showing up in their full worthiness

Difference between Therapy and Coaching




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