contrasting feelings

Use contrasting feelings to reframe your mindset, Episode 6


On Find Your Clear Vision podcast I share 3 steps to reframe your mindset using the negative contrasting feelings and frustrations you may be experiencing. I’m expanding on the inner mindset tools and techniques that Stephanie Posey and I talked about in her interview in Episode 5 on how to get out of a career rut and into possibility.

Step 1: You know how you don’t want to feel, so start clearing out the noise tornado in your head

Contrasting feelings show you how you don’t want to feel: hurt, anger, frustration or overwhelm. We have easy access to these feelings, start to notice where you feel these in your body, where does the energy live?


Step 2: Notice what intention or feeling is missing

Notice what intention or resource is missing, for example, if you are feeling overwhelmed, your self-esteem is tied to what you are doing, not who you are being. If you are impatient, you need to clarify what you really want.

Step 3: Create opportunities to practice joy, love, excitement, and lead with your heart

The contrasting feeling is showing you what’s missing, get clear on that and choose how you want to feel instead….then create it on purpose. Align your feelings with how you want to feel, and create opportunities for the things that bring you pops of joy in life.

A small and easy way to start to play with creating pops of joy on purpose is an easy manifesting practice. My kids and I like to find bright color cars, it’s an easy distraction from driving, and keeps them alert to the outside world, looking for the unicorn of cars: PINK. Joy comes in finding a pink car.

The quickest way to reframe your mindset? Look for and expect things to work out, plan for it, and they typically do. Or look for or expect things to go south, to crash and burn or to flop, and they typically do.

Trust yourself, it’s your biggest reframe of them all.

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Use contrasting feelings to reframe your mindset