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Brainstorm Your Clear Vision Using the Clear Vision Framework, Episode 24

Being creative is breaking the barrier of who you think you are and reinventing yourself from the inside out.

You are creative! It is your birthright! You are a breathing miracle creating thoughts, ideas, and possibilities. Being creative isn’t limited to artists or architects or designers. We are creative every day by the clothes we dress in, the lipstick we put on, the words we choose. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
In order to do this, we need to elevate the mindset using our 5 senses and expand our energy. Elevation is the first step! Once this is achieved, you can create a much clearer future vision for your personal or professional self. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Join me in your headphones for episode 24 of the Find Your Clear Vision podcast, where we talk about the 5 ways to elevate your mindset so that you can PLAN for your future self!

In this guide, you’ll find the questions, insights, research, and bright book recommendations from all 5 parts in the Brightest Year Series. Download your Clear Vision Framework guide right now.



Let’s set our intention for this time together today. If you are able to, I want you to take a deep breath with me, a deep inhale. And exhale anything that’s not serving you. Maybe you need to roll back your shoulders or shake out any energy that you might be holding in your back, maybe wiggle your hip side to side. Nod your head, yes. And no. Just get centered into your body, even if you’re in the car, even if you’re cooking dinner. I want you to be present for you today. In fact, unless you’re in your car, I would actually recommend pulling out a piece of paper and a pencil. Maybe your notes app, something that you can jot down some of the ideas and questions that I’m going to share with you, so you can then start to create your brightest year yet, but do know that if you don’t have that handy dandy piece of paper and pencil, all of these questions are going to be in that downloadable guide. All right, so one more deep inhale. And exhale. And let’s get started. So I know that you are resilient. I know that you are successful. But it might leave you a little bored. Maybe you’re unsure of what’s next for you and it’s got you kind of spinning. Maybe a little overwhelmed thinking, Well, what’s next for me? And maybe there’s something missing. Maybe all that spinning or fuzzy vision kind of leaves you like, Hmm,


I don’t really know what the future Has in store For me. Well, what’s Missing is a clear future vision for your personal or professional growth. On your own terms. So if you’re looking to transform your mindset, to grow your mindset, to connect to your highest self and reinvent your personal or professional brand with style, confidence and ease,


Then this clear Vision framework it’s for you. And if you’re ready for a future That embodies all of you. Personally, professionally and with a dash of soul and a dash of color, then you’re in the right place. I know that you are here right now because you are ready to grow. Expand. Give love and contribute. It is your gift. And you already have the power to do so. You’ve got access to that energy. We now just need to laser focus it and get planning. So let’s get started. When I hosted this workshop series last year,


I asked All of the attendees this Question, and I want You to answer it for yourself. What feeling will change everything for you in twenty twenty two? Maybe you want


To be proud of your authenticity. You want to be engaged. Clear, confident, calm. Maybe you want to clearly define what your personal brand is. Maybe you want to own your boundaries. Step into new possibilities. Maybe you’re looking for what’s next in your work, and you want to find the right place to focus your talents. Maybe you want to feel accomplished and excited again. Maybe you want to feel empowered in your life and your career. Or in that new business idea, in the last episode, episode twenty three, I asked Jodi what had her sign up for a one on one session with me. And she said that during the brightest year series that my energy and my joy and brightness really resonated with her. And it was then and there that she decided she wanted to become a coach, too. And so when Jody and I started to work together one on one to build her coaching business


From the ground up.It was a total reinvention for her, And it was sparked Because she went through and answer these questions for herself. So this week we are focused on getting elevated to be open to creative downloads. I’m going to share with you five ways to elevate your mindset to create your brightest year. And remember, you can download the clear visioning framework at Bright Lisa Forward Slash Clear Vision. Twenty twenty two. Now let me back up for a minute here. We’re talking about creativity, but what does it really mean to be creative when I say the word creativity? What comes to mind for you? Is it a character trait, something that only architects and designers and writers have? Is it an intangible talent that you were not selected for Because you thought, Well, I’m just not Good enough to be creative or I stopped drawing in second grade? Now, listen, my friend, you are creative. It is within you. It is your birth, right? You are a breathing Miracle on This planet at this moment listening to me. You’re the miracle. You are creating thoughts, ideas and possibilities. I believe that creativity is the opportunity to discover and express what’s inside of you. That’s it. Discover and express what’s inside of you. And it’s going to be different for every single person. That’s what makes it creative. So let me tell you a quick story. When I reinvented my career, I Have gone through a series of reinvention, But this one stood Out to me. I had moved from my brand strategy studio, step brightly and decided I was going to only do creative mindset Coaching with bright Lisa. I remember an advertising executive asked me, Well, Lisa, won’t you miss being creative?


And I was first Off like, Oh my God, that’s an odd question. But then I said, No, absolutely not. And here’s why. Creativity is not reserved Just for the elite. Creativity is not an exclusive club that only artists, painters, dancers and poets have a membership to. Creativity is choosing what you wear in the morning. It’s the way you tie back your hair or the color of bright lipstick you wear. Creativity is writing a beautiful sentence that embodies your intention, right? Creativity is setting an intention for your day. It’s finding delight in the perfect blend of like a chia seed pudding and blackberries in your breakfast.


Yes, that is what I had for breakfast. It was delicious. It brought me joy. Ok. That’s creativity. Well, one of my favorite things to do is to splash rosewater into my Lacroix. It’s creative. Creativity is seen and heard and felt in protest chants and heated conversations. It is the truth of who you are. It’s who you choose to be. It’s your quirks, your moods. Your eccentricities. Creativity is the energy that you bring into a room. It is an experience that can be seen, felt touched and remembered by others. And let’s keep that in mind because personal and professional branding is also something that can be seen, felt touched and remembered by others. I believe


That Creativity embodies feminine energy. It’s layered into our five senses, and each day it can weave a new experience into who you are and the future that you desire. It is the art of breaking down the barrier of who you think you are or who you think you’re supposed to be, and bringing more life into who you want to be. Simply stated, Creativity is reinventing who you are from the inside out. It’s a revolution, truly an inner revolution that’s happening right now. There’s a quote by Maya Angelou that I want to share with you. She says You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have, the more you use, the more you have. So it begs the question how can you start to practice creativity right now


As we open and Expand who we’re being and create energy for ourselves? We are open and receptive to more creativity. And I just listed off a multitude of ideas and ways that you can be creative from your chia seed pudding to the color of lipstick you put on to a sentence that you write in an email. I’m going to move from Maya Angelou to Albert Einstein in a heartbeat ready, Albert said. No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. So listen, in order to create the unknown and design our future now, which is what we are doing today, we need to shift our consciousness. We need to elevate our energy. To be in the space to create creativity involves playtime, allowing your mind to wander and experiment and fail and fall and listen. It does not look pretty all the time. The finished product often does. That’s what we see on Instagram. That’s what we see hanging on the wall. That’s what we hear in polished speeches. But the first draft, the shitty first draft? Not so much. And that’s where we’re at right now. We are in our shitty first draft. So my challenge to you is we’re not diving right into creativity instead. This next


Week, I Want you to elevate your mindset using your five senses. Because elevation is the first step to being open to receive creativity. Do you hear that we need to open up and expand our energy in order to be with more? In order to be open to the possibilities of creativity, here’s a couple of ways that you can ignite your five senses. It’s going to create novelty in your brain. Which novelty is all about creativity? That’s where the new ideas pop up. So consider how can you shift your environment? Maybe it’s A smelly Candle. I’ve got one on my desktop right here. How can you excite your body? Maybe it is taking a shower as you do, maybe every other day with this work from home, you know, maybe it’s an every other day thing. And at the End, turn it. So it’s so, so, so cold. Create your own cold plunge. Maybe ignite your senses. Peppermint activates focus. Maybe buy yourself a pack of gum. Buy yourself flowers, right? Actively slow yourself down. Instead of writing an email, write a letter using pen and paper. Here’s a shocking one. Take a full weekend off completely off. Do not open your computer. Allow your brain just to marinate in being present and activating your five senses. This is what’s going to open us up to creation. 


I always say your future self cannot be trusted when you’re on the cusp of a transformation or the cusp of an idea of a future that’s so Big, You’re going to immediately feel tired. You’re going to feel not ready. You’re going to find Anything else to Do other than that Big, amazing idea that you just created today. After the end of this podcast, You’re going to be in a High vibrational state, a high, energetic state. I want you to take out your calendar. Ask yourself, How much time do I need to Block out in my calendar To elevate? It might be five minute meditation. It might be this weekend that you literally book. I’m taking off the weekend. Maybe it’s adding buying peppermint chewing gum to activate your sense of smell to your grocery list. Book it Write it down. It’s non-negotiable. Creative time when you are in this space in the clear vision framework being open and Receptive to Creative Downloads, we need to


Book time in order to do that. That’s planning in the future. Because your future self is going to find all the reasons, why not. Ok? They cannot be trusted. That’s why we book it. So listen up. You know why people come up with groundbreaking ideas in their garage


Because they are in their Garage with the doors closed and they have nowhere else to go? All right, so friends get ready because after the plague comes the Renaissance, we are entering


Into a time of creative renaissance and I want you to be ahead of the game. So here are those five ways to elevate your mindset to create your brightest year. So the first


Step is Three questions. These are the questions that I want you to write down and journal and sketch and Doodle and create For yourself. You can do it in the downloadable guide as well. They’re in there for you. These questions I originally heard a very similar version of Jay Shetty sharing them, I believe, on Brendan Bouchard’s podcast. Gosh, it must have been a year and a half ago, but they stuck with me, and they so resonate because they’re so simple. Ready. Question number one, what am I going to learn this year?


Question number two, what am I Loving this year? Let your whole heart go into it. What would you love to do? Love to learn. Love to be with this year. Third question What am I launching this year? And we don’t need it to be a big launch, it’s not a rocket ship. It could be your personal or professional brand. Maybe it is a book. Maybe it’s something like big. I’m launching a book, hopefully by summer. Twenty twenty two.


Knock on wood. But what are you launching? Maybe it’s a new workout routine that you actually stick to.Ok, this is your life.


This is your big, creative vision. So after you answer these three questions, give yourself a good amount of time. This is some non-negotiable time. Go back and read your list. I want you to cross out all the boring stuff that you felt like you had to do, right? Oh, well, I should do this. I should eat Healthy. You know what eating healthy is? Yes, you should. But it’s kind of boring. It’s kind of a lower level vibration. I want to encourage you to dream bigger than eating healthy. All right. Cross out all the things that are like. I know I should do that. But. Right, I know I should floss, but I don’t. All right. Gift yourself that time. If you do nothing else from this podcast episode, I want you to answer those three questions for yourself. All right. Number two, the universe has given you a gift of an idea. Whatever that thing was that you are learning, loving or launching is a gift. This means that people want to hear about it. It’s true. This means that you need to enroll yourself in your own vision. You need to enroll yourself in your own vision. Stay out of the how? We don’t need to know how to do this vision quite yet. And instead, we’re going to stay focused on why it’s so important. That’s what’s going to keep us moving forward when things get hard. So a great way, like a simple way to state this future forward vision statement for yourself is to use this sentence stem. I’m going to create blank so that blank that way. You know what you’re doing and you know why you’re doing it. And we have to keep our eyes on the prize here because it is your clear vision and when things get hard, as I said,


This is where we start to falter, this is where we can


Go back and be like, Oh yeah, that’s why. So for example, I’m going to write a book. So that people can find their fullest expression of themselves. That is very important to me. What is so important to you that you must do it? All right. Number three. These are some questions that you can probably answer quickly. You don’t even need to write them down. This is a gut check. This is an intuition check. So when you look at those three questions, what are you learning, loving and launching this year? And then you narrow it down to, Well, I’m going to create


This so that I do that. Ask yourself, Does This launch me out of my Comfort zone? Yes or no?

Does this light me up? Yes or no? Does this make an impact? Yes or no? If you answered no to any of those questions, your vision is too small and it’s going to bore the hell out of you. And I would say two months tops. People who


Give up on Their clear vision. Their vision was not big enough to begin with. It will bore you if it is not something that lights you up and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Those two things make it so much more fun. All right. That was an easy one. Ok. This number four. And remember, all this is going to be in the guide as well. This one’s kind of interesting because of course, it uses visuals because I’m a visual person. But let’s imagine that


Here you are today, and you Know that you want to create something. You know that you want to launch something into the world in twenty twenty two. Your vision is kind of fuzzy. You kind of don’t Know like which Direction to take or if it’s the right way or the right thing. So it kind of leaves you spinning. You’re a little unsure of yourself. That’s where we are today. Or maybe you have a clear vision and you’re like, Lisa, this is what I want. Now I just need to know how to get there. All right. So I want you to draw just a simple line from left to right. Point A to point B


Point A is today. Point B is when Your clear vision Is complete. It’s when it is out there in


The World. It has Manifested itself. It is that hallelujah moment, right? My book is in my hand and I am all done. All right. In between today and that hallelujah moment. There is a lot of time and space. This is what I call the messy middle. This is where I coach


Into This is the space between your clear Vision today and Where you want to go. This is where creative mindset and strategy and framework like this is where it all happens here in the messy middle. This is where you need to elevate your energy in order to


Meet that Hallelujah moment. Now here’s the trick you know how you feel right now? Unsure a little bit scared of that big vision. Kind of spinning. Maybe overwhelmed. Ok, we feel that way. We know how that feels. Think of the Hallelujah moment. Think of how you’re going to feel when your clear vision has manifested itself out into the world. It is real. It is present. It has launched. How do you feel accomplished? Proud. Are you vibrating with energy? Are you elated? Effervescent. Are you calm? Are you confident? Like what words? What adjectives are showing up for you in your Hallelujah moment? In between point A and B today, in our Hallelujah moment, I want you to draw three circles right along the line in those three circles. Pick the three ways of being that are going to


Make the biggest impact For you. Write down who you need to be. Starting today, in order to get to that Hallelujah Moment, I don’t Want you to have to wait six months or a year to feel elated or proud, we can feel that way today if we choose so. So I want you to get present to those ways of being and start to choose feeling that way today. This is a great reminder to pop back to your five senses. Your five senses can help Evoke how you want to feel


If you want to feel calm. Light a candle. Read a book. Say an affirmation if you want to feel elated and joyful. Maybe it’s listening to your go to song that lights you up every single time. So this is a great tie back to how can you use your five senses to feel your Hallelujah moment right now? And this beautifully Translates Into the fifth and final way that you are going to activate your energy in order to create your future vision. What you’re learning, launching and loving. I want you to jot down added into your notes app or simply remember, what are you going to do this week to start practicing being one of those


Feelings That you put into the circle? Right, you wanted to feel joy. How can you be joy now? You want to feel elated. How can you feel elated now? This week I want you to practice generating that feeling again. We are expanding our energy in order to be with a bigger vision. They go hand in hand. Creativity is hand in hand with


Creating a future vision. Creativity is hand in hand with elevating your energy in order to make that vision come true. So what can you do this week to generate? The feelings that you are desiring. Maybe you need to sleep in or wake up earlier. Maybe you need to meditate. Five minutes tops. I’m not asking you to create an entire meditation practice starting tomorrow. No, no, no. Five minutes. Maybe you need to buy a book that book that you’ve had in your shopping cart. You just haven’t pulled the trigger because you haven’t found the time. When am I going to read that book? Well, they’re going to make it non-negotiable. Book it in your calendar. Write it on your to do list. Maybe you need to book a one on one session with me. That’s what’s going to help you generate the feeling in the accountability


It takes to stay In elevated energy. Whatever it takes, this is your one precious, amazing life. How do you want to create it? How do you want to love it? And what do you want to launch? All right. Last but not Least, I Want you to share your ideas. I want you to share your brainstorm because saying it out loud is a signal to your subconscious that, oh yeah, this is happening. This is real. So share it with people in your power pack who can help you create this. Who can support you? Who can you collaborate with? How can you make it fun? I’m always looking for fun. Share your ideas. Share them with me. Find me on Instagram or shoot me an email on my Get In Touch page on my website. This is your challenge this week. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I love me some imperfect action because it means you’re taking action. So in our next session, we’re going to look at how to level up your personal leadership that internal work


To match the energetic Vibration of your new clear vision. Because listen My friend, right now Who you are today is just a fraction of who you need to Be in order To create and manifest and bring To life this clear


Vision. I’m going to cover habit creations, daily intention setting, and also I had to call out that voice in your head that has been stopping you from creating whatever it is that you are learning, loving and launching. We’re going to get it out of our head And get into Our heart space. Doesn’t that sound? I think that sounds like fun. Like, that’s my jam. So remember your challenge this week? Elevate your mindset. Give it room to play and explore. That’s where creativity lives in exploration and in play. And then book your non-negotiable time in your calendar to create it and then share with someone you are invited to share with me.



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