Build Your Personal Brand, Using the Clear Vision Framework, Episode 27

In the final episode of the Your Brightest Year series, I’m sharing how to get started building your personal or professional brand. This is the exact framework I take my clients through to take their clear vision from concept to launch.

Part 5: THE PERSONAL BRAND COMMITMENT. Personal Branding is the exchange of energy. The problem is that people start building their personal or professional brand based on what they see in a mirror, reflecting back an illusion of who they think they are, instead of who they want to become.


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Ok, so let’s dive into today, Part five.

I can’t believe

We have gotten here already. So quick recap. In episode

Twenty three, I

Interviewed my client, Jodi LaVoie, who was inspired to reinvent her life after attending this very workshop

Series that I am

Now taking you through an episode. Twenty four.

We took a look at how to actually

Create your vision and what it means to be creative,

Because you,

My friend, are creative. So in this stage, typically my clients know they want to create something

New, but their vision


Fuzzy or they’re unsure

Of what their next step is going to be,

Which probably leaves them spinning with ideas,

But with no clear path forward.

That episode is all about

Creating that clear path forward. In episode twenty five, we talked about building the habits and

Rituals to

Align your mind, body and soul with that future vision. And we took a look at the old habits that

Need to be kicked to the curb

In order to create a mindset of abundance. We looked at what may be holding you back and how to release limiting beliefs to make room for new,

Fabulous habits

And rituals. From a macro, micro and massive viewpoint,

Then episode twenty six we launched.

So now that you have carved out your creative path, gotten rid of what no longer serves you. You are then ready to create a launch plan. And in that episode, I shared how to set real deadlines in the five levels to launch downloadable PDF, which you can get in the clear vision guide. And I also share the three things that you can control when it comes to your mindset

And taking action,

Because that’s how you launch. You take action one step at a time, and then today we are going to talk about building your personal brand. I truly believe that personal

Branding is


Exchange of

Energy, but the problem is that

People often

Start out building their personal or professional brand based on what they see in a mirror, which is oftentimes the reflection back of an illusion

Of who you think you’re supposed to be

Instead of who you want to become. So in this final

Episode of your brightest,

Your series, I’m sharing what you need and what you don’t

Need and how to get

Started building

Your personal or professional

Brand. Now I want to encourage you to go back. There are two episodes that I have already done about personal branding. Episode 10 I talked about how to build your personal brand mindset and an Episode 17. I talked about personal branding with a masculine and feminine energy. If you remember the review today from DA

Wellness, she talked about

Masculine and feminine energy as it

Relates to your


Your business and

Personal branding. So pop over there to episode 17

And one last little plug

Here. The Clear Vision Guide, the

Framework for all of these

Episodes, all of the insights, the research, that worksheet

From last episode

Are all available for free for you on my website at be brightly sitcom forward slash

Clear vision.

Twenty twenty two. All right, let’s dive in. I think we should define what a personal brand is. Ok.

Is it fluffy? Is it a fad?

Do I need one? Do I already have one?

These are


Questions that my guests

Have come up for you. And listen, in the personal and professional development world, there is a lot of talk about what a personal brand is and what it’s not.

And as

A professionally trained and certified transformational mindset coach

With 20


Years of experience

In brand strategy and design, I want to give you my perspective. Everybody has

A unique power

To make an impact in the world. And if you want to call that a personal brand cool, go ahead.

If you want to call that thought leadership awesome,

If you want to call that your life’s purpose, your clear vision, I think that fits better. All right. It doesn’t matter what

You call it, it is your

Unique power to make an impact in the world. I’m going to call it personal branding for the sake of this episode.

Ok? Personal branding

Is the combination

Of your clear

Vision and how to share that vision. That’s it. Your clear vision and how to share that vision.

It’s 80 percent

Mindset and 20 percent strategy. A successful personal brand is seen and felt and remembered

By others

In who you’re being, how you show up,

It’s your work and your approach,


Your thoughts and your leadership.

It is personal and it’s branding.

It’s how you

Get into action and

Create the impact

That you want to have. And here’s the cool thing. It is one hundred

Percent unique and authentic to you

When you find your clear vision. The rest is all about just staying in that high vibe mindset and doing the work, the brand strategy and the action.

So the term

Personal brand has actually been around for about 20

Years, and it was

Originally coined by a man named Tom

Peters in nineteen

Ninety seven in an article he wrote for a fast company. And it’s an interesting read. Personal brand development today has changed. But here’s the gist

Of what he talked about in this

Article called a brand called

You. And here’s a quote

I want to read to you. He says, if you’re going to be a

Brand, you’ve got

To become relentlessly focused on what you do. That adds value that you’re proud of, and most importantly, that you can shamelessly take credit for. Ok, Tom.


I don’t think we need to shamelessly take credit for the work we do.

In fact, it’s

In the shareen,

Not the

Shamelessly taking credit for that leadership is born personal leadership, professional leadership, branding, whatever it is you’re calling it. It’s in the sharing and the impact that your personal brand is born. So creating your personal brand from a place of purpose and impact is all the more important today because social media

Plays such a vital

Role in our lives. And, you know, as well as I do, that people are influencing our thoughts. I know creepy, but it’s true. Influencing our purchasing our values. And so we need to choose who we listen to very wisely. So I’m going to share with you how to use design, thinking and brand strategy to design your personal brand commitment. All right. This is the part about being committed when I work with a client to create their personal brand or thought leadership. We start from the inside out. We start at the heart of your brand and then we move towards strategy. And I know a lot of people say this Oh, we start from the inside out. But here’s what it actually means.

Starting with strategy

Is a surefire way to create a very

Vanilla and

Inauthentic personal brand. Many people just want the website or I want the content. I want to write articles, I want to give talks and speeches. And my first question is, well, about what so what? And who cares, right?

You can’t start at

The outside strategy.

And because that’s really

Like looking for a quick fix

Or a short

Term gain. And many strategists will often

Just skip right to that part, and this

Is how you get it done. Which really

It just lacks commitment

And purpose and vision. And what you need to actually

Build the

Longevity of why you are here and the mindset of a true leader because you already are. Ok? Anybody out

There can learn

How to execute the best ad campaign.

But it is only successful

If people connect with you and care about what you’re sharing and in turn,

Share your message with others.

So I call

That inside

Part the heart

Of the brand a personal

Brand commitment. And in business or strategy,


This is your unique selling point. This is your mission statement. But in personal branding terms, we like to soften it up because

It’s truly a human experience and it’s about

Connection. So let me take you through, I’m going to break down my personal brand commitment definition so you can see what I’m talking about here. Ok? Your personal brand commitment is the declaration that you make every day that is in alignment with who you are and the impact that you want to make in the world.

So let’s break down what that means.

That first part,

Your personal

Brand commitment is the declaration that you make every day to declare something means that you have made a positive and explicit statement and you are sharing this statement with others every day. It’s not a one and done. It’s not something that you keep to yourself. You say it out loud and you share it every day. Mindset, right? You’re going to have to have the energy and the mindset to stay at that level. Second, part of your commitment, this is in alignment with who you are.

This is how you show up. This is your energy or stamina. This is the effervescence

That you bring into a room. This is who you are, who you’re being. It’s again your mindset. It’s got to be in alignment because listen, do you ever

Notice how

When you wake up tired, your entire day is just

Blown, right? You’re grumpy and easily distracted,

And you basically are like unable to catch up on your day. And by the end of the day, you just like, throw your hands up in the air and you’re like, Whoa, that was a you know what show that

Did not go well?

Notice it’s your mindset. Everybody has a bad night’s sleep. I have kids.

I know.

But when you wake up, this is the perfect opportunity to notice that you have a choice. You have a choice to be grumpy and declare you’re tired or you have the choice to declare you’re going to be a different way. This is this is why mantras work

Because you are in essence,

Telling your subconscious, this is how I’m going to feel today. You tell your subconscious,

Oh man, I’m so tired.

Your mindset is like, OK, cool. We’re tired today.

And here’s the catch.

Most people live their lives this way. By default, most people don’t think that they have a choice for something as simple as being tired and grumpy. Or how else would you want to be?

Maybe curious,

Creative, reflective,

Joyful, fun,


I could go on and on.

Ok, but point being finding what you believe in

And what lights you up

Is going to pop you out of bed and enable you

To hold the aligned

Mindset of making a big impact in your career, in business and society, in our culture or in our family. You name it right. This is 80 percent of the work that you do mindset. The final

Piece of this personal

Brand commitment is the impact you want to make in the world. I truly believe that you are here for a

Purpose, and it is no accident.

The impact that you want to make is special and it’s a gift to your clients, your colleagues, your family and most importantly, to you. And if you’re hiding behind being tired or stressed out, because guess what?

Stress is a beautiful

Place to hide your amazingness. Or maybe you’re hiding behind being shy or humble, or just not knowing what to do, right? Whatever other excuse. And yes, that’s an excuse we throw in front of us. It’s actually limiting you from getting out there and playing big, and they’re just excuses. And are you ready for the mindset twister? Your excuses are fear based. Hmm. If you’re not sharing your life

Purpose, your

Clear vision and your personal brand, you are literally robbing the world of the gifts that you

Have and that we need

The impact. The declaration and your mindset are going to lead

Your personal brand

Experience and ultimately your future thought leadership. Your leadership is based on the mindset that

You have

And how it shows up. This is your authenticity.

This is your secret sauce.

This is you. I’m thinking of that song from The Greatest Showman.

This is me, right?

My kids love to sing it. I am a terrible singer. But you get the idea. This is you. Ok? In professional services? This is what people hire you for because

They want to be around

You. Ok, now that I’ve painted this picture of all the ingredients. That go into building a personal brand commitment. The next question is, well, how do

You share it?

And that’s just the 20 percent that’s the strategy. There is an absolute framework for that. It comes in many different shapes and forms. And I want to share with you some real results. Ok? One of my

Clients owns a

Graphic design studio and without a personal brand

Commitment, she noticed

That she was unable to focus or to make progress in her studio. She was like literally lost and overwhelmed. And so after working together, she was able to focus on a clear direction and a higher purpose for herself and her studio. And as a result of that, the strategy part was that her client

Process was

Simplified and her services became clear. And after that, the inquiries came pouring in. Literally, she was booked. So the real results came in her

Process and her services,

Which led to being fully booked. And then there’s another

Client, and I want to

Share her story with you quickly while we were working together. She went from owning one doula agency in Chicago to

Owning two

Agencies. And she started a midwifery

Practice in New York.

Her life and

Business were made easier

Because she had a vision and a defined market and specific goals. So for her, after she had her personal brand commitment and a clear vision, her strategy showed up as

A distinct,

Defined market and specific goals to get there. The strategy shows up in many different ways. It is always tailored directly to my clients.

It doesn’t necessarily

Have to end up in

A website and social

Media strategy. Those are sometimes the results, but the juice

That guts all the inner work is what

Fuels that

Strategy. Ok, you got to do

The inner work first.

So maybe you’re over

There thinking, you know what? Personal branding really isn’t a priority for me right now. You know, right now what I need is

Clients or I

Need that new job more than I need a personal brand. But listen, it’s actually your personal brand,

Your clear vision, that mindset that is going to

Attract your ideal clients, the kind of clients who would be thrilled to pay you top dollar for your services.

It’s your personal

Brand commitment and mindset that is going to attract a job that aligns with your highest and

Best self.

And if you’re sitting there thinking that building a personal brand is hard

Or it takes a lot of

Time and you just don’t have time, you know what? These are real barriers that are holding you back

From what is truly possible.

Building a personal brand commitment is going to give you accountability and direction as the leader of your life, leader of your business, leader of your career. Ask yourself what am I most committed to and what needs to shift in your mind in order to make that happen? That’s your first step. What are you committed to and what needs to shift

In your mind in order to

Make that happen?

And when

You feel that commitment in your heart and soul, that’s what you take and shine out to the

World that

Is your personal brand.

The strategy part cool.

We can totally do that. It’s your mindset and showing up from that expanded place of higher energy that’s going to allow you to laser focus. It’s going to allow you to launch. Ok. I recognize like this is like the pep top. At the end, we’re like, Let’s go, let’s do it. And I strategically created this to be that way. In the previous episode, we talked about launching. And I gave you some real detailed ways

How to do that with the

Five levels to launch worksheet,

Which you can find in the downloadable guide. But this episode,

The final episode in your bright year series about building your personal brand. This is all about you, your mindset,

And staying elevated

In what you are most committed to. And showing up from

That place every single

Day, that’s going to make the biggest difference for you. For the people that you

Love and for the

People that you serve, so I want to encourage you to DME and let me know if you are ready to start your creative

Mindset and personal brand

Jury. I would be honored to spend time with you in your first introductory session. You can find a link

To that

In the show notes or on my website at Bright Lisa. And don’t forget to download your clear vision

Framework guide at brightly

Sitcom Forward Slash Clear Vision Twenty Twenty two and if you have a question for me that you’d like answered on the podcast, I want to encourage you to send

That my way. You can

Always pop over to Instagram and Demi


Hop over to my website and go to the Get In

Touch page

And remember to connect with me on Instagram because I’m going to be sharing insights and inspiration and

Live Instagram

Sessions this week and next. All about your brightest year. And guess what? I’ll see you here again next week. Bye for now.





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