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Build Your Personal Brand Mindset, Episode 10

So far on the pod I’ve been talking a lot about your inner platform, and the mindset work it takes to be your most visionary self. But today we’re going to get super tactical and get down to business with straight talk all about your personal brand as a mindset.

I’m going to share the four inner mindsets pillars of what a heart-centered professional woman needs and how to manifest these pillars into your amazing personal branding results.

Oftentimes with personal branding, you see these sold as design elements, right? Like a website or a logo. But these pretty elements are actually missing key ingredients to what a successful personal brand would look like for a thought leader or an author. It is missing your inner platform. And without inner mindset work, and creating a personal brand mindset you’re on shaky ground that is going to look vanilla and corporate and inauthentic.

Having a personal brand mindset is about adding a consistent, intuitive presence, energy and value. It’s about building trust between yourself and others in those relationships by being who you are, on and offline, and the energy you bring into a room.

You have to deeply connect to your intuition, your energy and have a clear vision of what you want to create out there in the world and then do it on every single branding touchpoint point. My Be Bright Branding team can help you build your branding touchpoints, but only after building your inner platform.

Crafting a successful personal brand mindset or thought leadership program or showing up as a creative leader in your life or professionally, how you do that with your employees, your team, your staff? It originates from a series of ongoing conversations showing up both visually and verbally. And all of these moments come together to create your personal brand experience. And that means that you can’t treat branding just like it’s a line item on your to do list.


Your personal brand is alive and kickin on LinkedIn, Google, or Instagram. Just go ahead and Google yourself. You can see what life your personal brand has taken on. If you have not been tending to it and weeding it and creating it with intention, a positive, long-lasting brand experience needs to be drawn from your inner platform. This is your true, authentic being.

So as a creative mindset, coach and a personal branding expert for heart-centered women who value intuition and magnetism—I want to offer you this—do not separate you from who you are being in business with your employees, your employer.

That’s how we create disconnection. That’s not how life works. I bring my holistic self, my intuitive self to the table life and your livelihood is intertwined and they are going to continually play off one another.

Chances are I’m not telling you anything new. But what you may not know is that your fears and your self-doubt will show up in your brand or your personal brand mindset. If you are not connected to your intuition, self-awareness and inner trust.

You know, people who are like this, people who walk into a room and you can tell they’re disorganized, they’re overwhelmed, they don’t have enough time. Those ways of being just bleed into your experience of them. You can sense it in a heartbeat because I know I’ve been there and I’ve done that. That’s why we have to put in the inner mindset work.


1. Pillar of a Personal Brand Mindset:

Find Your Clear Vision

The first step is to find your clear vision. When you clarify your future vision and what success looks like for you in your personal brand, it’s going to give you confidence. My clients are always looking for confidence. You actually get confidence after you do the thing, after you have your clear vision. And this results in becoming a visionary leader. This is when you express your clear vision through inspired action and it elevates your expertise. That’s personal branding: showcasing and elevating your expertise so you can get a better job so you can be paid more. So you attract the right clients. You get into the right conversations.


2. Pillar of a Personal Brand Mindset:

Inner trust

When you trust yourself and your decisions all throughout the journey of becoming a heart-centered professional woman. The benefit of building inner trust is that in the outer expression, you are a trustworthy person. You are a trusted human being and that often results in advancement, whether it’s your career into a speaking gig or whatever it may be.


3. Pillar of a Personal Brand Mindset:


In the last episode, I talked about your Paradox Pattern where your smaller self, your spider is running the show and you’re on a loop. This is a huge amount of the work that I do with my clients as they are building their entire platform to become trustworthy, creative human being in the world expressed through personal branding. When you have that self awareness, it moves out, results in and expresses itself in the world through having an authentic voice and message. This is when you have the presence, the creativity, the bravery of being able to be truly seen for who you are out in the world.


4. Pillar of a Personal Brand Mindset:

Expanded Energy

These are the rituals and habits to expand your personal energy, which results in you, my friend, being inspirational. Now, riddle me this: when you are tired, pissed off, bored, overwhelmed, you find yourself not being able to focus your fuzzy. You’ve got brain fog. You can’t expand your energy to be with more. There is very little room to grow when you are in this mindset. I work with clients to build rituals and habits to expand their personal energy.

The more energy, the more white space, the more flow that you can create within your inner platform, ironically, leads to being able to laser focus. When you have laser focus, you just move so much faster, you make decisions faster. You know what you’re a yes for and you know what you are no for. So what does expanded energy result in as it relates to your personal brand clear communication? This is when you can define your message, your visuals, your content strategy and share it with others.


And now, I want to know, are you approaching your personal brand with a clear vision of what you intend to create?

Are you purposefully avoiding one or more of these practices because you don’t know what the first step is? I want to encourage you to take a small single step towards getting clear, and that might even just be jotting some notes down on a Post-it note, a small step, because a small step is still a step.

I’d love to help you become more of you. I’d love to help you see yourself clearly and build that inner trust to become your greatest higher self. Because, my friend, the world needs more people like you to shine bright.